House Not Selling? Here’s How to Get Rid of Your Real Estate Agent

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Your house is on the market. You did the recommended upgrades to help it sell. It’s a seller’s market, but you priced it well.

You’ve had open houses, and prospective buyers have shown interest. But it’s been months, and it still hasn’t sold. So, what gives?

It could be that you hired the wrong real estate agent. But, now what?

You may need to fire your agent. If you’re a little unsure how to go about it in a tactful way, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get rid of your real estate agent if things aren’t working out.

How to Get Rid of Your Real Estate Agent in 3 Different Ways

The bad news is, you have a listing agreement. The good news is, there are about two million licensed real estate agents, so you’ll find another one without much trouble.

Make sure you don’t hire another bad realtor. Think about the reasons you feel you need to fire your real estate agent. Use those reasons as a guide when you look for a new one.

Are they unprofessional? Are they rude or have a bad attitude? Do you feel they use shady tactics?

Whatever the reason is you want them gone, know that the easiest way to fire your realtor is mutual consent. This means that they recognize the two of you aren’t a good fit, either.

When you both agree to part ways, you’ll likely avoid a lot of drama and may not have to pay early termination fees.

But, if they won’t even return your calls, it’s time to move on. Here’s how to fire your realtor:

1. Talk to the Broker

Your real estate agent likely works for a broker. It’s the broker’s name and reputation on the line. So, they’re going to be willing to listen to your grievances.

After all, they don’t want everyone in your town thinking their whole brokerage firm is a mess.

Explain where the relationship with your realtor went south. Tell the broker what the issues are and how you tried to resolve them to no avail. But, remember to be as calm and level-headed as possible.

They may try to veer you in the direction of another agent in their firm. If you haven’t looked for another realtor yet, you may want to consider this offer. But if you have found another agent, it’s best to tell them you’d rather walk away.

2. Let the Listing Expire

If you’re coming to the end of your listing agreement, it may be best to let it expire. This will also buy you some time to get to those house updates you didn’t get to before you re-list with another agent.

In this scenario, you don’t have to do anything. If the agent asks if you’d like to sign an extension or a new listing agreement, simply decline.

3. Breach the Contract

This is what you really want to know, isn’t it? You want to know, “Can I fire my real estate agent?”

You sure can!

But you should know it’s not like firing an employee. You’re breaching a contract which means there may be penalties.

Your listing agreement may have an exclusive right-to-sell clause or a safety protection clause. In general, this means that if you sign with another realtor and they sell your house, you may have to pay your original broker a commission. There are also termination fees that may apply.

Check over your current listing agreement and look for either of those terms. Also, look to see if there’s a protection period. In essence, this states you’ll owe a fee of some sort if you sell your house within a certain timeframe of breaching the agreement.

Before you choose to terminate the contract, you should seek legal advice. A real estate attorney will explain everything in your agreement and how it affects your wallet and future listings.

Teaching You How to Be Happy

Now that you know how to get rid of your real estate agent, you need to weigh each option. Don’t rush into any decision, regardless of how frustrated you may be with your realtor.

Take a deep breath, exhale, and try to relax. Get some soothing essential oils or take a long bath.

Your real estate agent has caused you enough stress, don’t let them impede on your happiness any longer!

Check out more tips about being happy on our lifestyle blog.

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