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Do you know how to host parties that people will talk about for days or weeks afterward?

There are a handful of things that great party hosts have in common, and it’s not just about the quality of the food and the venue – although those are two biggies. 

Here are 5 hosting tips to keep in mind the next time you’re planning a celebration with family or friends…

1. Set the Right Tone From the Start 

Do you want to host a formal event, or something more casual? Greeting your guests at the door dressed in casual attire can put them at ease that they’re not walking into the MET Gala, and reassure them they didn’t come underdressed. 

Greet everyone with a warm smile and even a handshake or hug where appropriate, even if you’re nervous about the event. Your tenseness might negatively rub off on your guests. 

2. Play the Right Music

What kind of crowd did you invite? Put on some tunes that suit them, just make sure it isn’t too loud so you’re trying to talk over it when saying hello to people arriving. 

You could build a playlist in advance based on the tastes of those you invited, or you can choose a genre and shuffle through tunes. If you’re trying to create a chill vibe, death metal is probably not the right choice. 

3. Make Dishes You’re Good At

Hosting private parties might not be the best time and place to try out a new recipe that you’re not familiar with. So before you try to recreate something you saw once on a cooking show, reach into your bag of tricks and choose something that you know everyone will love – and that you can make with relative ease. 

Don’t be afraid to prepare some of the ingredients ahead of time. This cuts down prep time and gives you more time to mingle with your guests. 

4. Prepare a Superstar Cocktail 

While some people might bring their own beverages, or not drink at all, you could go the extra mile and create a signature drink that everyone can try. Don’t make it too complicated, but make sure you have the ingredients to make one for everyone – especially if it’s a hit.

You can try creating your own cocktail, or choose from popular cocktails that you know will go over well with guests. 

5. Join the Party!

When you’re not busy serving food or pouring drinks, be sure to have some fun! Mingle with each of your guests to ensure they’re having a good time, and make a point of introducing people there that haven’t crossed paths before. 

Remember, while you’re throwing the party for other people, it’s okay to enjoy some of the fun too! 

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Throwing a great party doesn’t have to be overly complicated. By choosing food that’s easy to make (and delicious), putting together a signature cocktail, and joining the groove with your guests, you’ll have guests talking and asking when the next party is!

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