Hate Frizzy Hair? #6 Ways To Make You Fall In Love With It

//Hate Frizzy Hair? #6 Ways To Make You Fall In Love With It

Are you tired of frizzy hair? Now it’s time for you to beat it or to make a glossy finish out of it.

Frizzy-hair is the definition of a bad mood for the hair and also for the person who has it. It’s important to understand what is actually happening with your hair that makes ‘it‘ so annoyed. This is one of the keys to help it calm down.

Alan Bauman, a national hair expert defines frizz as ‘the combination of two things, damaged hair strands (broken ends, fly away) and static, or a high negative charge on the hair. Women damage their hair by subjecting it to rough brushing or combing, harsh shampoos, high heats (blow dryers, straighteners, etc.) and chemical processing. Static is also caused by shampoos; since both the hair protein keratin and shampoos contain negative charges, they repel each other, which may result in frizz’.

There are a lot of tips to combat the frizzy hair, but we have made a selection and put together the best of it. Don’t worry, we live in a world where frizzy hair is no longer a problem, you can calm it down at home with no problems!

‘Frizzy hair is a common problem among women with curly hair’, said hair guru Bauman.

#1 Rule: Good Shampoo

Use a clarifying shampoo, something that’s cleansing rather than moisturizing. You need the hair to be clean and then, you can use a heavy-duty, moisturizing conditioner. Be cautious when choosing the products, because if they are not professional ones, they can affect your color. Use the clarifying once in a week or two.

“There are also environmental factors who stress the hair: harmful UV rays, minerals in our water, impurities in the air that can rob hair of its health and shine,” Fekkai said.

#2 Rule: Embrace Conditioners and Treatments

In order to avoid the Frizz, you can’t refuse to try styling products. Frizzy-hair requires a good conditioner. Look for “amino silicones” and “cationic surfactants” because both ingredients add weight to the hair and restore the essential oils needed for the hair to be healthy, making it easier to comb.

“A lot of people equate using any product in their hair as it being a high-maintenance hairstyle” says Ethan Shaw, a curl-centric stylist with James Allan Salon in Austin, Texas.

Rita Hazan stylist says that “hair is like skin: You must keep it hydrated.” Rita tells More Magazine that she slathers on an oil treatment before she goes to bed, then she shampoos it out in the morning.

Tip: Conditioner’s mission is to infuse the hair with the vital moisture and nutrients. Allow the conditioner to stay on at least 5 minutes before rinsing.

#3 Rule: Smart Frizzy Styling Products

For curly-thick hair, avoid styling products that contain alcohol—alcohol will dry out your curls and create more frizz” says curly hair guru Christo. He also suggests doing your research before getting a haircut, because “too many layers and cutting hair without texturizing can make already-thick hair puffy and out of control.”

The styling products are important because they protect the hair from thermal styling and environmental damage. The hair needs a rich source of amino acids to help strengthen, reconstruct itself and lock for humidity.

Rita Hazan stylist is a huge fan of the anti-humidity spray. “I love it! It keeps my hair in good shape even in the rain.”

If New York is on your trip list, you can make an anti-frizz treatment with 275$ at Christo 5th Avenue – the place where the curly celebrities do their hairstyle. The treatment includes chemical peel for the hair by sloughing off build up and smoothing the hair shaft, but is available only as an in-salon treatment.

Frederic Fekkai recommends to ‘work with your hair type and embrace your natural texture’.

#4 Rule: Ionic Hair Dryer & Brush

These two are like the cherry on top of cake. Why are they so important? Because when you comb your hair, the negative charge moves from your hair to the plastic brush. This leaves your hair positively charged and the brush negatively charged, and because all of the hairs have a positive charge, they repel each other, flying away. A lot of people are convinced that ionic hairdryers really do their work, but there is no scientific study to explain why.



#5 Rule: Plop Your Hair

Plopping your hair is when you literally put your hair into the center of a towel and then grab the ends and twist to form a type of towel hat. This method is very popular on the internet, and it’s great for shoulder length or longer curly hair. The technique helps to define natural curl and wave patterns but also block the frizz.

Tip: don’t use terrycloth or towels that are nubby because they cause frizz.



You can cover your hair every night, not only when you washed it. “Sleeping with silk or satin helps to maintain the moisture in the hair. Cotton and other materials dry it out which adds to frizz“, says Giselle Grant a curl-centric stylist at Curltopia in New Smyrna, GA.

 #6 Rule: The Beauty of Frizzy Hair

Here comes the beauty of frizzy hair. You might have always  been annoyed by the frizzy hair, but now you can actually make a beautiful appearance with the help of it. Marc Jacobs is one of the many designers that fond it. He use it in the Spring 2011 Collection and in the Fall 2013 Collection. The inspiration for the Fall 2013 look was a ’40s-era woman, and the hairdresser behind it all was Redken stylist Guido Palau. He blow-dried the models’ hair, then used a curling iron to form curls and then he brushed out to create major volume. Who thought frizzy would become a trend?

Brushed Out Curls



Frizzy Wavy Hair



Frizzy Hair Side Bun



Frizzy Tail



Still think frizzy hair is the devil?

Now after you have seen The Beauty and The Beast of Frizzy Hair, which one do you embrace?

Comment below and share with us your opinion about these tips and trends. 

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