Giveaway: Dan Sofronescu

//Giveaway: Dan Sofronescu



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It starts TODAY until the end of the month, 30 of June! Meaning you have 10 days to enter this Giveaway and WIN! So do not wait any longer, LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and WIN! So far, we had 6 winners and now it is your time!

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The prize represents one of the most feminine trends of the summer, the floral pattern transposed into a unique and custom-made, for INSPIRE ME Project @Estilo-Tendances, floral jacket! This floral jacket is made out of cotton, a natural and breathable fabric!

Dan Sofronescu says that he designed this jacket for the girls that want the elegance and opulence of a queen, but who don’t want to replicate a history character, but adapt it to the current trends.

You can opt to be a modern queen, and wear this floral jacket with skirts, dresses and high heels or just wear it casually, with jeans and sneakers! If you want to have a one of a kind, designer piece, that is worth $70 and that is IN RIGHT NOW and will be in the next season too, just SIGN UP and get it!

Also, you can match it to some Floral shoes! Get inspired: 10 Ideas On How To Wear The Floral Shoes Trend This Season!

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The winner will be announced on July 2nd, after being selected with

In the past 6 months, since the beginning of 2014, the crazy-impossible- (at the time) -idea to promote small fashion designers, to get them in front of YOU and to give YOU the chance to try their products brought to 6 lucky fashionistas, clothes and accessories, worth of approximately $600! For us, here at Estilo-Tendances, reaching the 6 month target is a huge step forward, that pushed us to develop more, to believe more and to offer even more value!

Starting next month, we are taking this project to a new level, with tons of new benefits for the designers!

So, if you are a fashion designer or if you know one that deserves to be featured in this project, SIGN UP here and take your designer business to the Next Level!

This beautiful project, got us involved in working with talented and amazing people like: Lulou Accessories, Sofia Afrenie, Laura Chirita, Daniel Ignat, Blushing Goodies… and now, Dan Sofronescu!

This month was full of unexpected twists and turns and both me and Dan, had to figure out how to solve minor issues like: emails going to Spam, not enough time to create the giveaway prize, no photographer or model, tiredness and moods of intense frustration … BUT, in the end, i got to value him so much, because he kept his cool, he found solutions and he is one of the most responsible people i’ve ever worked with! It might not seem important, but the truth is, every custom made product you buy comes with a piece of the designer’s soul! So, choose wisely!

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Don’t be selfish, tell your friends and share this article, so that even if your friends win the prize, at least you can borrow it! (girls, you know what i am talking about!)

Happy Winning!

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