Fresh-Cut Ideas: Landscaping Tips for Large and Small Yards

//Fresh-Cut Ideas: Landscaping Tips for Large and Small Yards
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The lawn looks shaggy and your flower bed looks like a graveyard. It’s time to spruce up your lackluster landscaping!

But, hiring a professional to design the landscaping for you costs a ton of money. Depending on the lawn, installing new landscaping costs between $3000 and $15,000!

If you want to save yourself some money, do as much of the landscaping as you can. Then, you can spend some of those savings on landscaping upgrades.

But where do you start? How do you plan the landscaping to fit the size of your yard? 

Keep reading to learn some of our favorite landscaping tips and tricks to get a beautiful yard on a budget. 

When Should You Revamp Your Landscaping?

Some people have ever-changing tastes and they change up their curb appeal often. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, you don’t need to revamp your landscaping every season.

For most homeowners, you’ll want to overhaul your landscaping every 5 to 10 years. Waiting longer than that looks outdated or unkempt, no matter how clean and well maintained the yard is.

Another reason to make major changes to your landscaping is if the current landscaping no longer suits your needs or causes inconvenience to you. For instance, if the beautiful English ivy around the base of your oak tree has devoured the walkway to the front door or if you have a dying tree that needs to come out.

Landscaping Tips for Small Yards

Designing a small outdoor space doesn’t have to feel daunting. These tips will help you design a killer outdoor area that suits your style as well as the size and shape of the space.

Dwarf Tree Varieties

A small yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful tree! Many tree varieties come in smaller “dwarf” versions. These trees look like their larger cousin, but in a smaller package.

Potted Plants

If you don’t have much soil for plants to grow from, consider using a bunch of potted plants instead! You can put potted plants anywhere, like on the ground, on the fence, even hanging.


Some nights get pretty cold, and who doesn’t love a late-night bonfire with smores! Since you have a smaller space, a good fire pit can keep your whole outdoor space warm on those chilly nights.

Water Feature

On the other side of the elemental spectrum, adding a water feature is another great idea! A small pond or waterfall not only adds visual beauty, but the sound of running water encourages relaxation and peacefulness.

Grassless Garden

Sometimes, you don’t have any grass at all in your outdoor space. But your concrete garden doesn’t have to look boring! Make sure to use different colors and textures to add visual interest without the lush lawn.

Use Vertical Space

So you don’t have much square footage in your yard. Why not use a rack system or hang plants and take advantage of the vertical space in your garden!

Faux Lawn Look

Instead of using gravel for a grassless yard, you can get the look of a lush lawn without maintenance. All you need is a good quality astroturf that looks like real grass!

Side Yards Matter Too

Another tip is to use all available space. Don’t neglect your side yard while you’re landscaping or the design will look disjointed.

How To Landscape a Large Yard

Having a large yard doesn’t make landscaping much easier. Working with a large open space is enough to give anyone decision paralysis!

Add an Archway

One way to use up a large area of your yard is to add an archway. Sometimes, you can add ivy, flowers, or other plants to the archway as well.

Leave Open Spaces for Play

For those who have kids or pets, make sure to leave a big section of the yard open for running and playing.

Outdoor Dining Area

Dining al fresco is a romantic and fun way to enjoy a meal every now and then. Why not dedicate part of your yard to an outdoor dining area?

Use Winding Walkways

make a path from one area of the yard to the other with winding paths made with pavers or natural stones to draw the eye to the areas you want to focus on.

Placing Benches and Other Seating

If you like to sit among the flowers or under the big oak tree, add some benches or outdoor seating to make those areas more comfortable.

When To Bring in the Professionals

If you find yourself overwhelmed during the planning stage, that’s a good sign that you need an experienced landscape designer. Even if you only need a consultation to help get you off on the right foot.

Also, if you run into any issues with zoning, retaining walls, or other complications, a professional landscape designer like Franz Witte knows all about handling those complicated situations. 

Also, if you get the design done, but you need to plant large trees or move large heavy objects, consider hiring a team to help execute the plan. You won’t get to enjoy your hard work if you’re laid up in bed with a back injury!

When You Treat Your Home Like You Love It, the House Loves You Back

The landscaping in your front yard and the curb appeal of your home is like the home’s first impression when anyone sees it. You always want to make the best first impression possible!

Landscaping gives you a ton of room for creativity and self-expression, so enjoy the process. But, not everyone has the time or interest in landscape design. For those people, a professional is a phone call away!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few great landscaping tips. For more helpful articles about style, beauty, lifestyles, and more, check out the rest of our blog today!

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