Our Favorite Accessory Trends for 2018

//Our Favorite Accessory Trends for 2018
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We know you’re dying to hear all about the most important accessory trends for 2018.

After all, who guessed that brocades, embroidery or ruffles would come into style last year? Fashion often surprises us, but forewarned is forearmed.

Anyone who’s interested in fashion needs to know in advance how to keep up with the latest developments. So let’s get right into it.

Here are all the trends you need to know about upcoming accessory trends for 2018.

Shell Necklaces and Bracelets

Shells might seem a little kooky or even old-fashioned. But with high fashion designers like Prada getting in on the shell action, who’s to say it can’t be the hot thing for 2018?

Either as a single pendant or built into a sequence, shells are naturally gorgeous. They bring the cool vibe of the beach and the ocean to a city lifestyle and are fantastic as part of a tranquil ensemble.

Shells also look great when offset by other natural elements, like feathers.

We promise you, shells will be one of the hottest accessory trends for 2018. You just wait and see!

A note on 2017 – this was the year of the choker, which is slowly fading into the background. You can get away with one for now, but not forever.

Belt Bags and Cross Straps

Belt bags don’t just look great. They keep your hands free, so you can carry on picking out dresses from the rack.

Rather than lumping a handbag over your shoulder, belt up and keep your essentials near to you at all times.

You can wear them in front or on the side, and they come in a number of glamorous styles. They might seem a little unusual at first, but they’re actually really cute.

There are even a number of stylish fanny packs out there. Learn more about these while you can – they’re not going to be unfashionable for long in 2018.

As an alternative to a straight belt across the waist, look into diagonal cross body strapped bags. Don’t choose a bag that’s overly large, as it’ll get in the way when worn like this.

Reworked Sunglasses

Cat eye and oval shapes are the next big thing for sunglasses.

These adventurous lens designs look slightly backward in time, but the wire-thin frames look to the future.

Tints of pink and purple suit these shapes really nicely, and can be highlighted by the choice of vivid lipstick shades.

Matrix glasses are also being tipped by some as the hot new thing for 2018. So you’ve got some important choices to make.

Berets in Black

A feminine hat with a long history of culture. The beret is a perennial choice to finish off a chic outfit.

Leather berets are a great choice for a modern look, but you can get away with something a little floppier if your style is a bit more laid back.

Other hats on trend this year include the baker boy hat. This style has been worn by models for Marc Jacobs and Gucci during recent fashion shows. It’s a bit less feminine than a beret, and shows the world you mean business.

Meanwhile, while it’s still chilly, some have been looking for eastern European inspiration. The result is a range of furry hats which look great with a fluffy winter coat.

Longer Earrings

Shoulder-length earrings are making a comeback to be a key part of accessory trends for 2018.

Being larger, there’s far more room for designers to experiment. So we’ve ended up with a really exciting range of styles to choose from this year.

Tightly packed gems or loose gossamer earrings – and everything in between – give us an awful lot to choose from.

Traditional dangle earrings are nice enough. But some designers are making cool geometric patterns, sometimes with multiple colors. We think these are cutting edge.

Velvet Jackets

Smooth velvet jackets turned up towards the end of last year, and they’re here to stay.

Velvet is such an incredible material, that it’s unsurprising to see it turning up again and again when you look back at fashion trends over time.

It’s not just jackets, either, though you’ve probably noticed a few of these around. Velvet dresses are super smart and look at home in the office as well as at a cocktail party.

And it’s not uncommon to find people wearing velvet shoes, too.

This versatile material often looks best in deep bottle greens, grays, blacks, and dark blue. That said, we wouldn’t say no to a snazzy vibrant red on the odd occasion!

Shoes That Make a Statement

The battle for the best party shoe rages on.

Coloured heels. Textured heels. Vibrant colors and new shapes.

We’ll be seeing some amazing high heels throughout 2018, so keep an eye out for the latest developments in this area.

Of course, heels aren’t always the most comfortable companion. Check out our neat tips to keep your feet dancing all night.

On the other side of the board, adorable tassel flats are looking to return to our shoe cupboards. Ankle-strap flats are also looking very appealing, particularly when things warm up a little. Expect to see plenty of these around in the summer.

Keep Up With Accessory Trends for 2018

As we get further into the year, we’re bound to see lots more exciting styles burst onto the scene.

You never know what’s just around the corner, or being planned for next season by the world’s community of secretive and talented designers.

But you can keep yourself educated by keeping up with trends as and when they arrive.

Being on-trend isn’t just about knowing what’s out there though. It’s learning how to put together an outfit that says it all. Keep up to speed with everything you need to know about fashion and style right here.

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