Fashionista: Top 4 2018 Fashion Trends You Need

//Fashionista: Top 4 2018 Fashion Trends You Need
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2017 taught the fashion world to expect the unexpected and what a wild, wacky ride it was. But as we come out the other side of the glitz, glamor, and millennial pink, our eyes now turn to the 2018 fashion trends that are set to dominate our Instagram feeds.
Here are the top 4 trends you need to know to start 2018 on your very best footing.

Coed Style

Gender roles are on their way out with more and more runways turning to coed shows.

Since Gucci opened Milan Fashion Week with their eclectic coed show, more than a dozen brands have announced that they’ll be blending their women’s and men’s shows in 2018.

This comes on the heels of 45 transgender and 4 non-binary models walking the major and semi-major catwalks in 2017. This was a major step up from the 12 gender diverse models to be given the spotlight in 2016.

The blurring of the societal gender binary is sure to keep fashion enthusiasts on their toes and designers bursting with previously taboo ideas.

Less Is More

2018 will truly be the year of less is more.

Micro skirts are back in with bold colors and boxed shapes set to give the trend a modern edge.

Hot on their tail are deconstructed sleeves. Bold cutouts and precarious necklines. Think designs that look like someone’s tried to pull the sleeves clean off them.

Combined with peek-a-boo side slits, we can bet 2018 will see a lot more skin than years previous, and we don’t even need a Mobilbet review to do it.

And speaking of “peek-a-boo”, no 2018 fashion trends list is complete without mentioning the peek-a-boo tulle trend sure to light up your Instagram feed. Shirts, skirts, dresses, and shorts are all sure to benefit from the tulle makeover.

A Time To Shine

The 2017 breakout fashion app was undoubtedly Kirakira. For those new to the filter, it picks up the slightest glimmer or shine in a video or image and exaggerates it to dazzling effect. Suddenly your favorite sequin party dress can look like you’ve donned a frock made of twinkling stars.

Thank goodness, then, that 2018 is set to be the year of all things shiny. Sequins and glitter are in like never before with London upstart Michael Halpern championing the look at Paco Rabanne, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dior.

The future sure is bright.

Art Collaborations Are In

The line between fashion and art has never been thinner and we couldn’t be more excited. Calvin Klein’s Raf Simons made waves when he included Andy Warhol screen prints in his Spring 2018 collection but it seems this is just the beginning of this trend.

Calvin Klein has since revealed Simons’ show to be the beginning of a multiyear collaboration between the brand and the Warhol Foundation.

Not to be outdone, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele has joined forces with artist Ignasi Monreal who came on board to paint Gucci’s Spring 2018 campaign.

With such fashion trendsetters as Michele and Simons leading the way, we foresee fashion/art collaborations becoming the breakout star of 2018.

2018 Fashion Trends To Love

2018 is set to be an exciting and innovative time to be in fashion. So grab your sequins and throw off those gender roles, make this year your time to shine.

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