DIY Moving: Common Mishaps to Avoid When Moving House

//DIY Moving: Common Mishaps to Avoid When Moving House
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Moving is just a reality of life. We spend some time in one place, and then eventually it’s time to pick up and chase new opportunities somewhere else. Americans move around a lot, and it’s likely that the move that you’re now preparing for isn’t even your first. 

Moving can be expensive, and you may be tempted to do the whole thing on your own to save a few bucks during the process. However, DIY moving comes with a whole lot of risks that you might need to look out for. 

If you’re set to move house soon and are considering doing it all on your own, read on. We’ll walk you through some of the things you should look out for. 

Don’t Underestimate the Time Needed

Who wouldn’t want to save some money and skip hiring professional movers? Finding quality movers takes time and money, and the temptation to do it all on your own might seem simpler. However, remember the grass always seems greener on the other side.

If you’re like many homeowners who decide to do their move on their own, you might find that you’ve rapidly underestimated just how much time it takes to do all the tasks you’ve set in front of yourself. 

If you’re planning on doing a DIY move, it’s absolutely essential that you create a strict calendar to follow. Layout each event and task you have to do, even the smaller ones. Plan dates where these tasks will be completed and do your best to stick with your schedule.

Rent the Right Size Truck

If you’re handling your own move, that means you’re handling every single aspect of it. That includes finding, picking up, and operating the proper truck.

This is not a task that often rises to the top of the homeowner’s minds, and the details get lost in the mix. Often what sounds like an adequate truck size turns out not to be, and a homeowner only realizes when they’ve packed half of their belongings inside.

This can be okay if you’re not moving far and can make multiple trips. However, if you’re going far away you simply can’t afford to make the mistake of getting a too-small truck. Make sure you have an accurate estimate of how much space you need and go bigger when in doubt.

Don’t Forget to Label Everything

There’s nothing like moving to a new home and that not being able to determine where anything is. Professional movers are usually professional organizers, but you might not be able to take care of this task all on your own.

The least you can do is to take the time to label boxes based on their contents. That way when you arrive at your new home and desperately need to find the bedsheets, you won’t have to spend an hour hunting them down.

DIY Moving Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re looking into the idea of DIY moving, you should be aware of the kinds of problems you might get into. The above are just a few of the big risks worth looking out for. 

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