Ditch the Razor: 5 Reasons to Try Laser Hair Treatment

//Ditch the Razor: 5 Reasons to Try Laser Hair Treatment
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Sometimes you might not have time to shave or you just don’t want to. And wow, waxing hurts! An ideal solution for anyone ready to quit spending so much time on hair removal, going under the laser has some clear benefits.

If you’re on the fence, here are five reasons to look into laser hair treatment:

Laser Removal Provides Long Term Results

Perhaps the most compelling reason to get laser hair removal is it’s super effective. Sure, you’ll be on the hook for showing up for 4-6 sessions for best results, but once you put in the time, it’s smooth sailing.

Time is Money

We spend a lot of time on making ourselves look beautiful.

Sure, laser hair removal may seem expensive, but it shaves off a good chunk of primping time from your daily schedule. Imagine the lighting fast showers without shaving, or a lifetime free from hot wax drying on your bikini area.

Not to mention, no more tending to cuts, burns, and irritation.

Laser hair removal, on average costs about 150-500 per session, depending on the surface area and amount of hair—but over a lifetime, you’ll save on razors, spa appointments and have more free time to spend outside of the bathroom—which sounds good to us!

Laser Hair Treatment = Less Pain than Waxing

Maybe you’ve already had plastic surgery Baltimore and you know the ins and out of going in for a procedure. If so, you’ll find that laser hair removal is a breeze–with hardly any recovery time at all.

If your approach to hair removal is no pain no gain, it’s time to reconsider those perceptions.

If you’ve ever gotten any body part waxed, you know you’ll be experiencing some pain. Not to mention, the buildup as you wait for the aesthetician to pull that wax strip off like a band-aid on steroids.

Laser hair removal feels more like a gentle pulling and it’s over before you know it.

Lasers Make Quick Work of Body Hair

No matter what body part is getting the laser hair treatment, you won’t be out of commission for a whole afternoon.

Each laser pulse lasts just a couple seconds, with small areas done in a matter of minutes.

Of course, larger areas do take longer, just be sure to budget some extra time if you’re planning on getting your legs, arms or back done.

Finally, Laser Treatments Are Safe

As far as cosmetic procedures are concerned, laser treatments provide a safe way to get the smooth look you’ve always wanted.

As it stands, there are no major risks associated with the procedure–beyond some slight burning or hyperpigmentation.

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The benefits of laser hair removal are clear. If you decide to go through with it, you know you’ll be satisfied—never shaving, waxing or whatever ever again.

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