5 Beach Party Ideas That Will Make a Splash

//5 Beach Party Ideas That Will Make a Splash
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Do you want to plan a kids’ party that will make a serious splash?

Then you need these beach party ideas in your life. Beach parties are perfect for summer and easy to organize.

With some careful planning, you can arrange a party that appeals to everyone from the girliest girl to the most boisterous boy and the coolest teen.

We’ve got suggestions on everything from games to decor, party favors to invitations.

Read on to discover five fun beach party themes.

1. Underwater Beach Party Ideas

Underwater parties are perfect for young kids, particularly those who take an interest in ocean life.

The first step is the right decoration. Attach blue fabric to the walls to create an underwater feel, and hang long pieces of green paper above doorways to recreate seaweed.

Make decorating part of the fun and give each child a piece of card in the shape of a fish, shark, dolphin or other sea creature. Decorate with pens, pencils, paints, and glitter, and give prizes for the best.

Set up a fun photo booth with flippers, goggles, and other underwater accessories so that everyone can feel like a deep sea diver for the day.

2. Pirate Party

Fancy something a little more exciting than your regular beach party?

Plan a swashbuckling pirate party for loads of extra excitement. Let kids dress up as pirates, and plan pirate-themed games.

You could try:

  • Pin the eye patch on the pirate
  • Pirate treasure hunt with gold chocolate coins
  • Draw own pirate treasure map
  • Decorate your own pirate flag

If you want to go all out, buy or hire an inflatable pirate ship and let your partygoers practice walking the plank!

3. Hula Party

Looking for beach party ideas that appeal to all ages? Look no further.

Hula parties are a fun opportunity for kids, teens, and adults to dress up and have fun. Make sure you have enough grass skirts for everyone!

For adults, organize games of volleyball, put on some summer tunes and play musical chairs using beach chairs, and serve large bowls of fruity punch.

For kids, provide bubbles, inflatables toys, paddling pools and sandpits – they’ll feel like they’re really at the beach.

Face painting usually goes down well with all ages. Practice a few summery designs beforehand and let guests get involved with painting too.

4. Desert Island Party

This is a really fun one.

Send out invites made to look like messages in a bottle, and dedicate the whole party to trying to ‘survive’ on your desert island.

You can hunt for food, have a shelter-building contest, and dig for buried treasure.

At the end of the party, have everyone get involved in creating a large ‘SOS’ sign on the ground – before they get ‘rescued’ and taken home by their parents.

5. Mermaid Party

Looking for beach party ideas to appeal to girls?

Then look no further than a mermaid-themed party.

Create mermaid food in magical blues, purples, and pinks, scatter sea shells around as decorations, and let kids decorate their own mermaid tails.

For older kids, creating mermaid jewelry from seashell beads is lots of fun and a great party favor.

Want to host a beach party that stands out from the rest?

Start planning using one of these novel themes today.

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