Compound vs Recurve Bow: Which is the Best for You?

//Compound vs Recurve Bow: Which is the Best for You?
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There is so much to love about archery. Watching The Hunger Games has made drawing back a bow and letting arrows fly all the more appealing again.

But before you make your first, or next, bow purchase make sure you know the benefits. There is a big difference between a compound vs recurve bow.

Depending on your needs, personal skill, and budget, the decision can affect how you view archery. If you want the best bow for you, make sure you know the benefits for each.

Here is everything to know before you shop online or hit a sporting goods store:


At Estilo Tendances we strive to help women find the best for their lifestyle. One of the first requirements in finding the best compound bows or the best recurve bows is to know the different needs for women and men.

There are benefits to compound as well as recurve bows. Innovations in archery have made each more accurate, durable, and powerful.

Whether women are hunting for small game or performing in archery competitions changes the benefits. But in either case, make sure you are selecting based on your personal arm strength and skill level.

The wrong bow can make archery seem unappealing. A recurve bow will be lighter than a compound bow. If you are thinking about bringing one along for a hike, this can help.

Price of Compound Vs Recurve Bow

Like all items, there are a wide range of choices in both compound and recurve bows. While high end recurve bows can reach $2,000 they are likely the cheaper alternative.

The longer strings, pulleys, and associated mechanisms of a compound bow make it the more expensive of the two. With a more powerful shot, compound bows are better for power than price.

But for a starter bow or a lighter alternative, archers may want to start with a recurve bow.

Draw Length

Before choosing between a compound vs recurve bow make sure you understand the draw length. Measuring the draw of your body and arm will allow you to purchase the right bow.

If you mismatch the draw on a bow it may be next to useless. The draw of the bow is where it gets its power and accuracy.

A compound bow will allow for more strength. But measure your personal draw before purchasing one.

That way you can be sure you are getting all the benefits.

The Best Advice For Your Lifestyle

Whether women are looking to find the best bow or want to stay beautiful in every situation, we can help. At Estilo Tendances we bring the perfect combination of knowledge for our readers.

We teach women how to be happy, beautiful, and stylish every day. Our goals include helping women get equal pay as men and to help women be fulfilled in both career and family.

Our team brings the best tips on lifestyle, beauty, and style to help you get there.

Don’t wait to have the best life. Find out more about Estilo Tendances and our mission for helping 1,000,000 women now.

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