The Best Occasions to Give a Rose Bouquet

//The Best Occasions to Give a Rose Bouquet
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Roses are the eternal symbol of love, and Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time you can give a rose bouquet to express your affection.

Roses make great gifts and can be used for a variety of amazing decorations, so why restrict yourself to February, 14? Below we’ll share with you some interesting tidbits, along with the best times to give someone a rose bouquet.

A Rose Beyond Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time you can give a rose bouquet. Numerous major holidays around the world call for a bouquet of roses, including the Chinese weaver girl festival and the lantern festival (Chinese New Year’s), St. Gregory’s Day in Slovenia, St. Jordi’s Day in Spain, the Dia dos Namorados (lover’s day) in Brazil, and many more!

You don’t need a reason to send your significant other roses. It’s a matter of lifestyle! There are companies like Spring In The Air that will put together a fantastic bouquet any time of year and for any occasion.

Express Your Love!

Roses can symbolize love in all shapes and forms, and there are many circumstances that can be made better with the right roses. These include:

  • Birthdays: Including the birth of a new baby!
  • ‘Get well’ roses: Because roses can brighten up hospital wards!
  • Mother’s Day: Who doesn’t love their mother?
  • Apology roses: Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes.
  • Anniversaries, and especially marriage anniversaries: Which can be more romantic than any Valentine’s Day!
  • Sympathy roses… because life must go on.

A Rose Bouquet for the Right Occasion

Beyond just red roses, there’s a whole language of roses, associating different types, numbers and colors of roses with different occasions. You can check the remarkable variety at Spring In The Air. A single white blossom carries a different meaning than an opulent bouquet of red roses.

  • Red: Obviously, the color of romance, red roses are the perfect way to say ‘I love you’.
  • White: The color of purity, perfect for wedding bouquets and bridal decorations.
  • Pink: Delicate and refined, pink roses are often used to express gratitude or non-romantic love.
  • Yellow: It’s playful and fun, perfect for birthdays!

Also, you can give multi-colored bouquets in all sorts of joyous events, or pale-colored roses for more ‘serious’ occasions.

Beyond color, you can choose the maturity of your roses, as well as whether they will be long-stemmed. Long-stemmed roses are elegant and ultra-popular, especially as a means to show romantic interest to someone special. In modern times, flower language describes long-stemmed red roses as the ultimate expression of true love and beauty.

Need Some Fresh, Fragrant and Long-Lasting Roses?

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now have them delivered reliably and punctually on the days of your choosing! Clever online rose delivery services offer you a hassle-free way to surprise a loved one with a luxurious rose bouquet.

Sending one (or more) bouquets is easier than ever before. You just select the dates, the type of roses you want to be delivered, fill in the details and lay back. The roses will be delivered on time with no extra involvement from you!

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