5 Kinds of Fur Coats That Make Winter Fun (We Promise!)

//5 Kinds of Fur Coats That Make Winter Fun (We Promise!)
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Battling fashion in the winter can be brutal.

Temperatures can reach below freezing and you have to dig your car out of snow more than you take out the trash.

Not to mention you have to dress in layers upon of layers of clothes. This might make you feel like your creative expression is more restricted.

But no need to fret because we’ve compiled a lovely list of fun fur coats that will turn any winter outfit into a winner.

Check out the list below of 5 kinds of fur coats that will make your winter fashion a lot more fun!

Why You Need a Fur Coat

Fur coats are timeless symbols of class, wealth, and status. Adding a fur coat to your outfit can take you from casual chic to runway ready.

They have stood the test of time by remaining one of the most popular fashion accessories.

Fur coats are warm and comfortable without being bulky. They are also durable and make for perfect generational gifts. This blog shows how they can last decades if taken care of properly.

Tips for Maintaining Fur Coats

Before you head out to upgrade your wardrobe, there are a few things you should know about treatment methods for a long lasting fur.

  • Be sure to hang fur coats on sturdy, padded hangers
  • Hang your coat in a breathable garment bag to avoid drying out
  • Gently shake the fur our and air dry if it gets lightly wet. Take the fur to a professional cleaner if it gets soaked
  • Use a professional fur cleaner for cleaning and conditioning the coat
  • Don’t store in heat to avoid cracking and drying
  • Pay close attention to instructions on care labels when dealing with faux fur coats

Kimono/Trench Fur Coat

Kimonos are in for the summer.

So why not keep them in for the winter?

Kimono is a Japanese word that literally means “something to wear” or “clothing”. Kimonos are versatile and accessible enough to make up an entire outfit or to be an additional layer.

Trench coats are always in.

They traditionally are raincoats that are made of heavy duty waterproof materials. These timeless beauties add a sense of grace and mystery to your persona.

Both of these styles allow more length coverage and can come as far down as your ankles.

They can be worn with casual outfit or night on the town.

Fur Parka Coat

Parkas are standard winter coats.

They cover you well, keep you warm and are cute but not too flashy while serving their purpose.

Parkas are often confused with jackets but they are the warmer option due to extra insulation and a slightly longer length, which usually covers your butt and upper legs depending on height. This helps with retaining heat.

When you add a splash of fur, you can take a regular parka to something a little more chic.

Consider upgrading a simple style with a fur trim and inside lining for extra warmth and coziness.

Fur Bomber Coat

Some winter days permit you to wear shorter coats. Bomber style fur coats are perfect for those days.

Bombers are usually waist-length coats that can be light-weight or heavier for seasonal flexibility.

This outer wear has grown from functional clothing for pilots, primarily made from leather, to expanding into different material, including silk, satin, jean, and cotton.

Fur bomber coats come in many styles. These can come with fur trim, fur lining on the inside or the entire outside layer being fur.

These coats are sleek and versatile enough for a range of outfits.

Leather Fur Coat

What do you get when you take two fashion favorites and mesh them together?

You get a fashion super favorite!

Leather is a tough material that can stand against the coldest of winter days. Its a breathable, natural material that can be long lasting if you take care of it.

Leather fur coats are the perfect blend of edgy and elegant. These two high-quality materials offer double the value in durability.

You get the best of two worlds with this iconic style.

Faux Fur Coat

Fur coats have been under scrutiny by animal rights activists for years.

Many people do not agree with wearing real fur, as they do not want to harm the animals involved in the process.

Faux fur is generally made of synthetic fibers, such as polyester or acrylic and can sometimes be easier to care for.

It is the perfect option for vegans and activists.

Buyers are still able to enjoy the high-end stylishness of fur while remaining true to their personal standpoints and values.

There are many styles of fur coats that will enhance any outfit choice. Be true to your personality and style when choosing!

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