Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014

//Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014

 When was the last time you have actually fully finished your chapstick?

The answer is most certainly never, as lip balms are something we all have and that we all constantly use. However, they are absolutely lovable and we want to have many of them, either because they smell nice, or because they really really help our lips. However, there are so many to choose from that sometimes you have no idea what to pick, so, here at Estilo we have decided to try several ones and we have made up a Top 10. We went from super expensive high-end, to the normal and usual chopsticks, to the ones that you just can’t stop buying. But, first let’s have a little history of the lip balm!


Lip balms originated somewhere around the year 1880, when Virginia doctor by the name of Charles Browne Fleet. However, it did not end up well, and it has only started being marketed in the 1900s, when John Morton purchased the lip balm and the brand from the doctor. He and his wife would start producing lip balm under the name of Morton Manufacturing Corporation and it took off to some extent. By the mid 1960s, the Corporation was bought by the RH Robins Company, who started producing more and adding and developing new flavors. From that moment on, lip balms have become indispensable in any woman’s bag and now come in different shapes and flavors, not mentioning the medicated lines, for specific lip problems.

Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014

When I have first picked this article, it was mostly for my love of lip balms, that has probably turned into a little obsession over the years. I have a million types of them and I constantly lose them somewhere, but this does not stop me from buying more. So, I have decided not only to do the Top 10 Best ones, but to actually try them all and to tell you how my lips feel after a few tryouts. I have added my personal favorites here as well and I have to let you know that, personally, this experience was great for me and my lips have thanked me for that!

Do not take them in a specific order as I could not make up my mind which should be number 1, or number 10 and so on, as i have absolutely adored them all!

#1 EOS Lip Balm

Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014

EOS is an AMAZING brand that makes great cosmetics, it is average priced, not super expensive, nor super cheap and it is great for your lips. Their lip balm tastes great, has a cute shape and made my lips perfectly soft. I have it in every color almost, it is great even if you just keep it on your cosmetics shelf, as it looks very cute. However, when I have tried it with lipstick over it, things did not end up so well, as my lips got chapped after a while. Honestly, i don’t know whether it was the lip balm, or the lipstick or the combination between the two, but maybe try it on your lips first before going out with a chapped pout. Still, it might just be my lips, as I have a friend who has tried the same experiment and nothing happened to her lips, so keep that in mind.

#2 Maybelline Baby Lips

Another super lovable lip balm, the Maybelline Baby Lips is to die for. Personally, I adore anything Maybelline and I have been very happy with all their cosmetics, but the Baby Lips is definitely my favorite! It is very cheap and it fits everybody’s tastes. Besides this, now they have a new line that has a little bit of color inside, so it makes your lips super soft and it gives them a bit of color for when you go out. Also, it does not end up being super liquid and disgusting because of the heat, so you can kiss your boyfriend with it on without any problem.

#3 Nivea Lip Balm

Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014


I love winter and skiing and snowboarding and all the outside winter sports. However, I cannot say that my lips and skin are very happy about that. Still, as I have been going skiing every year, ever since I was 5, I have probably tried all the most moisturizing cosmetics existent on the market. Because I have a very very sensitive skin, especially on the face, I have kept returning to Nivea for their moisturizers and for their lip balms and it has never let me down. Having tried more expensive brands, I can say, hand on heart that Nivea is the absolute best for winter. Their lip balms are to die for, I suggest the simpler ones for winter and the shimmery ones for the summer months, I always have one in my bag and my lips have never been softer. Also, it does not react against my lipstick, so I can use them underneath without any problem and my lips stay soft.

#4 Hurraw Organic Lip Balm

Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014

While researching for this article, I have stumbled upon these Hurraw lip balms and did not know exactly what to think of them. This, at least until I have tried them. God, they taste amazing! And, above all, they are organic! It was an amazing experience to get to try these on my lips and my pout thanked me a million afterwards. Super soft lips, great flavors and amazing look. They fit inside anything, I had no problem combining them with my driest lipstick and they have kept my lips soft and my pout beautifully colored and shimmery. A truly great product for those of you who like more organic make-up!

#5 The Body Shop Born Lippy

Since I was quite young, I have been a fan of The Body Shop and all their cream and cosmetics range. Their body butter is my number one staple in the summer body care routine and their lip balms, besides tasting more than great, are a super helper for my lips. However, it was only this year that I have tried their Born Lippy range. I have always found them quite cute, staying there, staring me in the face, but I swore on their Lip Roll On, so I had no place to try this one as well. But, for the sake of this article, I have made an exception. So, after trying it, I have absolutely adored it. It is, however, quite liquid for summer, but it has a great range of shimmery shades and makes its buy totally worth it. You can wear it instead of your usual go-to lipgloss and it is not that sticky, so it can definitely work for warmer days.


#6 Clinique Chubby Stick

Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014

Well, Clinique… Just the name of the brand says it all. Before this article, I haven’t tried this balm, as I have always bought numerous less expensive ones, so I thought why should I? I love French brands, and Clinique makes no exception, especially their 3 step face cleaning routine, but their  Chubby Sticks Lip Balms never attracted me. However, after trying it once, I could not stop. I now own it in 3 different colours and I am in love with it, especially the Intense version of it. I wear it every day, everywhere, there is no excuse. So why have I changed my mind? Well, first of all, usual lip balms don’t even have tints of color, this one is actually coloured, as in properly coloured, like a lipstick, and it moisturizes your lips at the same time. What could you ask for more?

#7 Burt’s Bees Lifeguard Lip Balm

Again, a brand I am totally in love with. Natural and tasty, these balms that have honey as their main ingredient are a great help for chapped lips. No matter how bad your lips look, put some Burt’s Bees Lifeguard Lip Balm on and you will instantly feel better. As I have used it for quite a while, I have also noticed the fact that it sort of creates a barrier against chapping for your lips and it is amazing. I could stop using it for a few days and my lips were still soft and pretty, so this was a great plus for this lip balm. Also, I have tried it with lipstick and, even though it did not amazingly lock the color on my lips, it has kept them at refuge against chapping and that helps a lot.

#8 The Body Shop Lip Roll On

Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014

I have already admitted on my love for The Body Shop products, and I totally swear on their Lip Roll On that tastes amazing and makes your lips super soft. At first, I have four it slightly too liquid in a weird way, but you get used to it after a while and it makes your lips baby skin soft. Besides this, it tastes very fruity and nice. It’ no wonder it has had so much success for me. I usually use it in colder months, as in summer I prefer the drier ones, but it is up to you when to use it, depending on how you prefer lip balms to be. I can say, hand on heart that it is very good to your lips and this is not a joke.


#9 Essence Caring Lip Balm

I have never ever tried this before this article. I have kept seeing them, but nothing attracted me much, for some reason. But for this article, I have literally bought so many that I have never ever tried before, that it made sense to finally try this one as well. I took the Viva Brasil lip balm, as it is their World Cup special and tried it on. It tasted amazing. You might be thinking that I have said the taste thing so many times already, but honestly, for me it is important for a lip balm to taste good and make my lips pretty. It did not last amazingly well on my lips however, and it dried them up when put together with a lipstick, but then again, it might be just my lips that have reacted weirdly to it. I have a lot of friends that swear on their Essence Lip Balms, so I believe that, besides the price, that is very very attractive, their quality is very good.

#10 Sisley Paris Confort Creme Lip Balm

Top 10 Best Lip Balms for Spring-Summer 2014

Going back again to our super high-end products, I chose Sisley Paris for their super expensive lip balms. At 70$ a pop it was a bit expensive to just randomly buy, but my mom loves it so I have just stole a bit from her. Having such a high price point it is not the most accessible balm for a fashion student in a super expensive capital such as London, but a girl can dream, can she? So I have tried it, along with several other super high-end products, and chose between them. This one won, because at this price it does exactly what the box it comes in says: it moisturizes the hell out of your lips. It is truly a great product, and the quality-price range is very accurate, even though it does not make me food, or I cannot use it for various purposes, the same way I use Vaseline for example. But it does perfectly what it was made for and this is the most important aspect for an expensive lip balm.

This is our Top 10 Best Lip Balms for this season, but stay tuned for more fashiontastic articles!

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