Givenchy Prefall RTW 2014 Collection

//Givenchy Prefall RTW 2014 Collection

Givenchy was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy and is now known as one of the world’s most iconic brands. Known for it’s haute couture clothing, divine cosmetics and perfume lines Givenchy is one of the most anticipated designer collection season after season. The one and only Riccardo Tisci, creative director of the house, is known for his mastery and immense contribution to the fashion industry. Just recently, as I am sure you have heard, he was the creator behind Kim Kardashian’s flawless wedding gown and that in itself is an example of Givenchy’s prestige.


One of the most notable brand ambassadors was the darling Audrey Hepburn who chose to wear the brand on screen and off screen. The little black dress we see in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is only that of Givenchy and the house once again became the talk of the industry when the Kennedy family wore Givenchy to the funeral of JFK.


Riccardo Tisci took a hiatus when it came to his AW13 couture collection but his Spring/Summer collection proved that it was worth the wait. Being an established designer Riccardo chooses to rule break and experiment. Rather than creating a line of Ready to Wear that solely aims to please members of the fashion industry, he creates the line that he desires. His Pre fall collection is all about technique as opposed to trend. We see many variations of the same style, patterns and colours yet each are individualistic and simple exquisite. Pre fall gives us no sense of what to expect with AW14, but whatever it is, this collection has triggered our excitement.


Givenchy Prefall 1

Layers are everywhere throughout this fabulous collection, perfect for the transition from SS to Autumn/Winter. Pre fall reiterates Riccardo’s deviation from the classic and conventional and focuses on his exploration and experimentation of something a little more drastic. Tailoring remains my favourite and is the ultimate key to an ensemble that is flattering in every way possible. These looks are all so different yet all so powerful. The definition of layering has evolved from warmth and exaggerated clothing and emerged into an element that aids in the success of an ensembles presence. These coats are to die for and are far from minimal and understated like many would expect in a transitional collection. Colour and dynamic patterns are everywhere which can only thrill us for the AW14.

Necklines & Experimentation

Givenchy Prefall 2

Hello necklines, or lack of them. Riccardo settles on both ends of the spectrum from no neckline to a plunging neckline whether one or the other our attention has immediately been caught. Never before have we seen one designer experiment and show a willingness to try so many different versions of the same element in one collection. Riccardo’s vision is far from exposed which excites us in a collection that can only be described as unpredictable. The most dramatic trend (if we can possibly call it that) we find in the entire collection is accompanied by a range of burnt out colours. These pieces on their own are something of a dream filled with complication and character, something that would leave any front row in curiosity. Each piece is distinct yet all have that rich and ravishing Givenchy vibe, something that would encourage any fashionista to engage with.


Show stopping dynamics

Givenchy Prefall 3

We are so use to those looks having the amazing matte touch, but become immune to their flawlessness. It’s when elaborate evening pieces begin to appear we are once again left speechless. Despite these looks being something of a different category the techniques previously discussed remain. Variating necklines, layering and the distinct appearance of each piece explain exactly why we claim Riccardo Tisci to be a master. Never has one designer been so elaborate, experimental and excelled. Givenchy creates pieces that are every fashionistas dream. The house strays from the expected and plunges the industry into something a little more intricate in design and a little more effortless in vision.


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