Best 5 Natural Oils To Help You Fight Winter

//Best 5 Natural Oils To Help You Fight Winter

Like it or not, winter is here and the cold season affects our skin and damaging our beauty even if we want it or not. That is why, i thought of sharing the best 5 Natural Oils that can help you keep up with the cold temperature, stay beautiful and healthy. But, keep in mind to have patience, the results will come and will be extraordinary!

 1. Olive oil

We all know that olive oil is one of the most widely used and beneficial for skin, hair and health in general. It can be used as lip balm by making you have a nice look and be well hydrated. It has also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits, being able to cure or ameliorate psoriasis, eczema, staph bacteria if mixed with honey and beeswax. Although it is winter, and we do not get too much sun exposure, we might get enough UV Rays to damage our skin and in order to prevent skin cancer, it is advised to use Olive oil.


 2. Argan oil

This oil is rich in vitamin E and, therefore, prevents dryness and appearance of wrinkles. Just like the olive oil, the argan oil can be used for hair (help smoothing) and last but not least for the body (prevents obesity by reducing the sensation of hunger). For a more moisturized and prettier skin, heats up little of oil in your hands and then massage the whole body. For those with very dry skin, it is recommended to be repeated three times a week.

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 3. Hemp seed oil

It is the only oil that contains vitamin D. This oil is often found in cosmetics and personal care products due to it’s properties like anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. In addition to these benefits, hemp seed oil helps the dry skin find its balances on hydration level. Compared to other oils mentioned above, it does not leave fat on the skin and it`s quickly absorbed. Hemp seed oil is best for those who want to have a skin moisturized, soft and smooth. Besides the aid it brings to the skin, it is very good for hair (moisturizes, stimulates growth, strengthens the hair shaft) and also for your body. The only hemp oil factory in Europe is located in Romania.


4. Coconut oil

Another reliable ally of beauty is coconut oil. Being rich in vitamins A, C, E antibacterials properties, this oil is an excellent moisturizer. In addition to these qualities, it is very good in enhancing weight loss, digestion and preventing fatty deposits.


5. Almond oil

Especially in winter, almond oil is the best moisturizer for the skin and lips. Prevents skin dryness, moisturizes, soothes and nourishes it. Prevents the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles. Heals sunburn and cracking of the lips.


These are the best oils for a beautiful and hydrated skin. Take care of yourself and your skin!

 PS: Don`t forget to be fab!!!

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