What to Wear Tonight: Sequined Tops and Fluffy Jumpers

//What to Wear Tonight: Sequined Tops and Fluffy Jumpers

In every woman’s life, there comes a point when you stand staring aimlessly into your wardrobe wondering what in the world to wear for the night’s events. Life can get busy, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up on all the fashion trends. Fortunately, this season’s fashions are bringing back some comfortable, beautiful, and edgy styles, so no matter what your personal style, there’s a trend you can incorporate into your outfit. Below is an overview of some of this season’s hottest styles, which can be incorporated into any outfit for a flawless look.

Sequin Everything




Sequin is finally making a comeback, and this winter is the best time of year to incorporate it into your outfits. A sequin top is the perfect item to pair with a monochromatic skirt and heels for an office holiday party, and if you’re really feeling bold, a long sequin skirt with a simpler top can be just the thing for a New Year’s bash. Sequin, in general, can be a tricky fabric to wear properly, as it can very quickly go from fashionable to fashion faux pas. So if you’re concerned about pulling it off, you can always carry a sequin clutch with a more reserved outfit as an added splash of style.

Leather Look Tees



One of the more interesting trends this season is the leather look tee. Just like the name suggests, it’s a T-shirt that looks as though it’s made from leather. Most of the time, the tee is designed as a three-quarter length, longer shirt with a crew neck. Some fashion bloggers have called this look “casual glamour”, and that’s a fitting description. Wearing the leather look tee with jeans or leggings is a fashionable way to mix and match, and you can even pair it with some low heels if you like.

Fluffy Jumpers



The season is getting colder, and sometimes you want something beyond the typical winter coat to jazz up your wardrobe and stay warm in the process. Enter the fluffy jumper, the latest fashion trend of the winter season that seems to be making an appearance everywhere. There are infinite ways to wear a fluffy or fuzzy jumper, from pairing it with jeans for a casual-meets-glam look, or with a skirt, tights, and boots for a more professional feel. Whatever it is that suits you best, use the fluffy jumper to your advantage this season to stay warm and be stylish in the process.





For many, the mention of tartan brings to mind grungy, edgy looks that have recently been seen in certain fashion circles. But this season, tartan is making a comeback in many ways. If you like the grungy look, you can certainly find many options to suit your fancy. But if you are seeking a more professional or toned-down version of the fabric, you’ll be able to find skirts, slacks, shoes, and handbags that you can incorporate into your wardrobe without sacrificing your style. Do note that tartan is more than just plaid, it’s a specific pattern, so put that flannel shirt away. That being said, tartan is everywhere this season; you can even find fit-and-flare dresses with tartan print!




Girly girls rejoice, pink is back in season, so you now have every excuse in the world to pull out the pink you’ve been hiding since spring. Certain pinks are trending more than others, however, and those neon pink pumps might have to wait a bit. But soft pinks, petal pinks, and mid-tone pinks are in style for winter, and you can incorporate them into your outfit in a variety of ways. Pink fur is one way to incorporate the look, and if you’re thinking that pink plus fur equals a pastel pink fuzzy jumper, you’d be right. This two-for-one item combines two hot fashions in one beautiful item.

No matter how you choose to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe, you’ll be so glad you did. The fall and winter trends this season are gorgeous, unique, and suitable for a wide range of preferences. Chances are good you’ll be able to incorporate one or more of these trends into your wardrobe without compromising your personal style. Fashion is all about making popular trends work for you and incorporating them in creative ways, so go shopping and make tonight fabulous.

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