Beat the Boredom: How to Have Fun at Home and Stay Entertained

//Beat the Boredom: How to Have Fun at Home and Stay Entertained
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Did you know that Americans spend 11 years watching television during their lifetime? Turning on the TV when you get home can become a habit, especially if you’re bored.

Consider changing your evening routine and improve your relationship with your family.

Are you wondering how to have fun at home instead of reaching for the TV remote? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over fun stuff to do at home.

Throw a BBQ Dinner Party

Barbecues are a lot of fun and can change up your dinner routine. Plan a summer dinner party.

Invite friends and family and ask them to bring a side dish. Pick up plenty of items to barbecue. After everyone’s done eating, you can tell scary stories around the campfire or play music.

Have a Costume Party

Plan a costume party with your family. You can decide on a theme ahead of time.

Send invites to your friends and family. Tell them they need to come dressed up in a costume. You could even offer a prize for the best outfit.

Provide dinner, snacks, and drinks. Pick out a few games to play and enjoy the night.

Plan a Picnic at Home

If you want to change up your dinner routine, consider hosting a picnic indoors.

Ask your kids or partner to help you pick out a few different snacks. Arrange all the food on a fresh tablecloth on the floor and play some music.

Events like this will help bring you all closer together. It breaks up your routine and makes the time together more fun.

Host a Scavenger Hunt

People love to look for hidden items around the house or outdoors. Create a list of all the things your family and friends will need to find.

Print copies and give them to everyone. You can give everyone a time limit.

Get creative with your list. You can describe the items in a riddle or provide them with a clue. Make sure you pick up a fun prize for the winner.

Spa Night

Plan a home spa night for you and your family. You can put relaxing music on and light candles to help create a calm atmosphere. Set aside some snacks and beverages.

Relax and chat while painting your nails. Glam up your nails by trying out new designs on them. Nail art has become popular over the last few years.

You can learn how to create your nail art at home with a bit of practice. Pick up a nail art kit at your local drug store or makeup shop.

Pick up a few face masks as well. You can also get the supplies for pedicures. Enjoy the night of relaxation and pampering with your family or friends.

Grow Flowers and Vegetables

Research what kinds of vegetables and plants you would like to grow from home. Learn how you can make the plants grow well.

Spend time gathering together all the supplies you will need. Next, you can set aside an evening or day on the weekend to plant your seeds.

There’s something rewarding about seeing plants grow from seeds. If you love to cook, consider planting an herb garden. Depending on the amount of land you have, you could even start a vegetable garden.

Other options include making hanging flower baskets or planters for your deck.

A Themed Movie Night

Plenty of famous movies have sequels. Sit down with your family and pick a genre you all enjoy.

Plan to watch the movies back-to-back that evening. Before, pick up salty and sweet snacks and a few beverages.

If you want to plan something even more epic, consider a drive in movie party.

Pick up New Board Games

Switch up your routine at night by playing a board game with your family. Playing board games is a fun change from watching TV or scrolling on your phone.

You can choose from a variety of games like Risk, Sequence, or Catan, for example.

Head to your local game store with your family and pick out a few different ones. Board games are great because everyone gets a chance to chat while playing.

Make Birthday or Holiday Cards

Homemade cards are thoughtful and unique. People love getting cards in the mail that aren’t store-bought.

Head to a craft store to pick up some card-making supplies. Set aside an evening or afternoon with your family to make cards together.

If you want to mail them right away, pick up envelopes and stamps. You can create the cards and send them the next day.

Try Your Hand at Calligraphy

Learning new skills or techniques is always fun and rewarding. Try a new activity like calligraphy.

You can pick up special pens for writing. Your craft store will have a kit that will help you learn more.

Write out your favorite quotes or poetry. Down the road, you could even frame your work or create cards.

Have a Game of Charades

Charades is a popular game that never grows old. Buy a charade game beforehand, or you can make up your own.

Family members can write down their charades on index cards. Watch your family act out different scenarios and have a fun night.

Create a Scrapbook With Your Family

Choose a bunch of different family pictures that you have from over the years. Place the images into different groups and make a scrapbook. Focus on a special trip or event that you all wish to document.

Now You Know How to Have Fun at Home

We hope this guide on activities to do at home was helpful. Now that you know how to have fun at home, schedule events for the month. You and your family will have something different to look forward to each week.

Check out our other helpful resources about your home. Learn about decorating, maintenance, and more.

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