8 Awesome Hairstyles For Bad Hair Days

//8 Awesome Hairstyles For Bad Hair Days

Oh my, oh my….This is me every morning when I wake up and I realize that my hair is having a really bad day. But I’m happy that I’m writing this article, especially when I know how I am when it comes to hair.

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Can you imagine that I delayed my dates and nights out just because my hair wasn’t in a good mood; crazy, right? But yes, this is me, or at least it was. Until eighteen my mother didn’t let me cut my hair at all. She used to say that a girl’s hair is the most precious treasure and also long hair is the difference between girls and boys. So, until eighteen I had a beautiful long and healthy hair. Not too long after my eighteen b’day I took the biggest decision: to have a short haircut (I think that everyone of my friends was expecting that). Even that my mom wasn’t very proud of what I did, I don’t regret it! Sorry, but is true. I realized that it was so easy to maintain my hair gorgeous and I didn’t had to wash it every day and…I didn’t missed any dates from then. After, in university, my hair was growing and I was thinking to cut it again, just to have an easy life and happy days, and then I found out about a product- dry shampoo– such a bless! Since then, until now, every time my hair has a bad day I’m just using it and it does miracles and also it gives you plenty of hairstyle choices; who knew that a bad day for your hair actually is not such a bad day!

Enjoy our 8 rescue remedies for a bad hair day, that are easy to make and for which you don’t need to spend too much time.

#1 Wear a hat


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I know that is not really a hairstyle, but sometimes a hat is a very helpful accessory. That’s what I usually do when my hair is not listening to me, and also I think that is the easiest way to look awesome and cool. Just be sure that you have a hat for each season – you don’t want to wear a winter hat in summer!

#2 Fishtail Braid

basic braid

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If you know how to make a fishtail braid – well done! If not, don’t worry, you can make the basic braid on one side and you will still have that fresh and summerish look.

#3 Top Knot Bun

top_knot bun

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Probably everyone heard about this hairstyle. Easy to make, easy to wear, goes well with everything; even if you are going to school or to the office, you can wear a top knot bun. So, if you have medium or long hair this hairstyle will work great for you, just give it a try!


#4 Low/Knot bun


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Like the ones ahead, the knot bun or low bun is an easy and simple hairstyle for a bad hair day. Comes from the same family with number #3 Bun. I will say that this one is more elegant and sophisticated, but simple in the same time. You can wear it when you go out or you can even wear it on a party just by adding some spray, to make sure that it will stay there all night.

#5 Ponytail


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Even if you want a loose ponytail or a thick ponytail you will look amazing no matter what you choose. In order to keep up in fashion we need to be in touch with everything that is new. So, forgot about the old and boring ponytail and just add a little something to it, to make it special. I promise that is not going to take you more time and you will look fab. You can do a pony-braid, a twist or a chic wrap with a puff bang; just…go from simple to standout- it’s so easy!

#6 Headband Look

headband look

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It may seem a little kids hairstyle, but you can do lots of nice and pretty hairstyles with the help of a headband. If you are going out for a drink with your friends and you don’t like how your hair looks like, just introduce a headband to you hairstyle. Tuck all your hair into the headband and the result will be amazing, you will love it!  Also, you can do the same thing but just with a few parts of your hair and the rest of it leave it on the back. Just make your hair the best it can be!

#6 Fake some volume


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The reason for a bad hair day is the lack of volume, indeed. After 2-3 days without washing your hair, it will look flat, greasy and too shiny from natural oils. No worries, like I said, nowadays you have loads of products that will help you look amazing in time, with no stress. For me, the best thing to fake volume is with dry shampoo because I have a thin hair and using spray gives the illusion of thicker hair, and of course, full of volume. After using dry shampoo you can do whatever hairstyle you want or just live it how it is because already has the sexy vibe. If you don’t have a dry shampoo between your styling products you can use a big round brush to lift up your roots, and to have the perfect look take the back section of your hair and backcomb it at the roots, then spritz with hairspray. You will look like a red carpet diva!

#7 Accessorize your hair


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From ribbons and flowers to birds in you hair, you have plenty accessories from where to choose. Usually, I’m using hair accessory in summer season. Natural flowers or ribbons makes you look like an innocent country girl; a scarf also can be very helpful when you go to the beach or some lost butterflies in your hair when you go for a day walk. Is so much fun to play with all these! What about your favorite hair accessory?


#8 Keep your hair happy

be happy

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The last awesome hairstyle for a bad hair day is not actually a hairstyle, but it is related to you hair as well and even it is the last one, probably is the most important rescue remedy.                           All the problems starts with us and in order to have a beautiful and healthy hair(and not so many bad hair days), so we need to be and feel happy. All the styling products in the world and all the diets for your hair won’t work if you are not in a good mood and healthy inside. Everything starts with you! So remember, next time when you have a bad hair day it might be because of how you feel. Try not to stress out and be more positive!

Let today be your last bad hair day!

Comment bellow and tell us which is your favorite bad hair day rescue!

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