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It’s either love for the snow, either for riding the bike. Or it may be both?

Probably your bike is somewhere in the basement covered of dust with the chain stuck. The fancy bicycle is there because you broke up for a couple of cold months. Actually, to most people, winter is not considered a time for biking and the first sign of frost marks the hibernate period for the bike.

In honor of snow, people from big cities like Chicago, Montreal, Copenhagen and New York keep biking hard. 80% of Copenhagen’s cyclists continue to cycle in the winter and also they have special plows designed for the bike lanes and do them early, like in Sweden.

In Montreal, people are taking care to prepare in advance their ride, meaning special prepping for the bike and for their outfit. In New York what has rise is something of ‘an urban survival sport, the ranks thinning but never disappearing as the temperature dipssays Matt Flegenheimer. New York City’s bike share system makes all-weather cycling more carefree than ever. They clean the bike lanes before the routes.

Ride in style with smile

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Instead of being stuck in the house or in the car, the smartest choose to face the winter and see the good parts of cycling in the snow. With the proper equipment, skills and a few changes in your routine, these months will transform in the most exhilarated and adventurous of the year. Some cyclists admited that they doing it just for the fun, for the look on people’s faces.

The only thing you gain by not cycling in the winter time is your weight!

How beautiful

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First thing that may come into your mind are it’s cold and dangerous. No pun intention, but you are not going to fall down on the second you get up on the bike. These are just some arguments so you can be lazy. Actually, your body warms up during a ride, on any time of the year. The problem is being caution on what to wear not to get sweat. It also seems dangerous but skiing it’s 10 times more. ICEBIKE site had driven a survey of winter cyclist that shows that accidents are not so many as you imagine:

What Was Your Worst Winter Cycling Accident ?

Winter biking injuries


1. Healthy

It’s a great and smart exercise. It’s only one of the few sports that can be practice in the winter time. Especially if you are a cyclist person, don’t let yourself intimitated by the beautiful. Give your body some coldness to kill the batteries and burn the fat.

2. Nature Absorbing

Everything looks fairytale covered by snow. Peaceful and quiet. Embrace the nature and be a part of the scenery.

3. Perfect time for cozy gloves

Copenhagen riders

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Now, after you are excited and ready to remove the dust from you bike, learn how to get started with Estilo Tendances Infographic:

winter biking infographic


1. Expect everybody to think you are crazy and don’t let yourself intimidated by.

2. Friends might laugh in your face, but don’t worry, after the first year they will get used with the idea.

3. Other cyclists will appreciate you and 2% of them will join the scenario.

4. Be ready to see the life from a different perspective.

5. Expect to be a loner.

6. At the end of the winter season expect to miss riding in snow.

Riding in style

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Ready to face the frozen season?

We are excited about the idea and will put some fancy gloves too ❄❄❄

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