To Be In Love With The Scottish Style: The Tartan Trend

//To Be In Love With The Scottish Style: The Tartan Trend

Hello Girls! Today we deal with one of the trends that had been launched during the Fall/Winter Season 2014-2015, which is: tartan!

Red Tartan Skirt

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I know that it is a “motif” we have already met up in the past (as almost always happens in this industry!), but the funny and interesting thing as well, is that a trend  is presented every time in a different way, so we can always create new outfits and styles! Let’s see HOW!


First of all,

What is tartan?

Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Even if tartans originally were made by woven wool, now they are made in many other materials as well. The typical Scottish kilt (that was born around 1600) is made of tartan, and this is why this pattern is considered a traditional symbol of Scotland.

Since many types of tartan exist, from the end of 1700 each type began to represent a Family Clan of the Scottish High Society.

Traditional Scottish Kilt

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Remember: If you come from North America you would probably call “tartan” ‘plaid’, but in Scotland a “plaid” is a different thing: is a tartan cloth slung over the shoulder as a kilt accessory!

However, wearing tartan had been started to be considered fashionable only when Queen Victoria of England and her husband used to wear it during their stays at Balmoral:

 Tartan Pattern & the World of Fashion

The word “tartan” became synonymous of glamour, class and elegance during the 40’s and the 50’s, when the fabric became popular among some of the most famous Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot!

From that point on, tartan has been confirmed as one of the most famous and replicated trend in the fashion history changing its connoted, though. For example, during the 70’s, in the Punk Culture, tartan was considered a symbol of revolt:

Punk Tartan

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During the 90’s tartan came back once again in a new version, also thanks to alternative rock groups like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Infact from their musical culture, called “Grunge“, developed a new fashion style (called Grunge, too) that made tartan be in vogue once again:

Tartan Nirvana and Pearl jam

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Coming in the new Century we can say that 2014 was the year of tartan! The famous Highlands pattern appeared on the catwalks for the Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 Season. In this new context, tartan has been re-interpreted, blended and mixed with other trends. Let’s see some examples:

#1 Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs using tartan promoted a look which is casual but chic. Most of all he made use of red tartan. The interesting fact about Marc Jacob’s tartan is that he suggested it in a sort of “sporty style“, matching the outfit with the sneakers. The result is original and never seen before:

Marc Jacobs tartan New York Fashion Week

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#2 Salvatore Ferragamo

If I had to choose one word to define Ferragamo “tartan style” it would be classy. Extremely classy! I personally love this Ferragamo Collection because it is sophisticated but, at the same time,  it combined the sophistication with a young kind of style.

A particular combo of this collection is the matching with high boots which gives the whole outfit an extra touch of elegance.

#3 Vivienne Westwood

One of the most famous fashion designer who first started to bring tartan on the catwalks is Vivienne Westwood, who has joined the Hall of Fame at the Scottish Fashion Awards thanks to her loyalty to tartan textiles in 2014. Here some of her amazing creations:

Once again, as we have seen in the Marc Jacob Collection, red tartan is the most present within the Vivienne Westwood F/W 14/15 Collection. In my opinion is just perfect the matching between tartan and the fantasy tights (pic on the right) proposed by the stylist:

enne Westwood Tartan 2014

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Curiosity: If a Scottish wants to buy a kilt, it can consult a specific database created in order to verify their own origin and to choose the right kilt according with the colours of their ancient clans!

Tartan Icon Inspiration

In the next pics there are some of the most fascinating women of the showbiz (and not only!) wearing tartan. These pictures give us some ideas on how stylish we can get by wearing this pattern:

encer Emma Watson tartan

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The next three outfits are my absolute favorites. They are chic, but wearable, in the sense they are not too eccentric. Olivia Palermo (on the left) is perfect, as always, wearing the blue toned tartan dress. Taking a glimpse on the skin between the boots and the dress makes the look extremely sexy, but still sober. Taylor Swift, (in the center), enhances her simple look using a pair of fantasy tights that give more value to the coat, which is the masterpiece of the outfit. Kate Middleton (on the right) looks amazing and classy wearing that green and blue tartan suit.

Palermo-Swift-Middleton tartan trend

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Tartan Outfit Ideas

But tartan is not just for the catwalks! In the next pictures, I chose for you some simple, but pretty outfits from to take them as a source of inspiration! For example, taking into consideration the outfit on the left, see how amazing looks the big earrings-minimal tartan combo. If you prefer a sweeter look instead, you can match a tartan dress with a sweater and opaque tights, like it shows the pic on the right.

In order to reach a more casual look, wear a tartan sweater instead! For example, I think that Kate Davidson Hudson (in the pic at the center) in Stella MCCartnery sweater looks absolutely gorgeous.

At last, one way you cannot go wrong is…by wearing a high waist tartan skirt! In the pic below there is an example of how to wear it. It is a simple but effective look:

tartan outfit

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Well, Girls,that’s all for today!

Hope this article will inspire the Scottish style that is inside you!

Please let me know in the comments below all the way you would love wearing tartan!

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