Arriba! How to Throw the Most Epic Cinco De Mayo Party

//Arriba! How to Throw the Most Epic Cinco De Mayo Party
  • Cinco De Mayo Party

Arriba! It’s time for Cinco de Mayo, one of the most celebrated of Mexican holidays, and you’re looking forward to the celebration.

From making awesome nachos to colorful pinatas and other decorations, this is one of the most fun and festive times of the spring season.

If you’re on tap to be host or hostess this year, check out these awesome ways to throw the ultimate, most epic Cinco de Mayo party that will go down in history.

Make Delicious Margaritas

From frozen strawberry to mango, you can make some pretty darn incredible margaritas that will make your party more festive. Dress them up with a range of awesome adornments like sliced habanero peppers.

Be sure to serve your margaritas in colorful glasses and remember to rim them with salt. Add a splash of cayenne simple syrup to give your beverage a spicy kick.

If your guests aren’t a fan of margaritas, make sure you have some awesome Mexican beers on tap, too.

Serve Mexican Finger Foods at Your Cinco de Mayo Party

One of the hallmarks of Mexican culture is its delicious food. Since you’re hosting a party and not a sit-down dinner, there are lots of easy finger foods you can serve up.

Try something sweet with churro bites. These delicious desserts are covered in cinnamon and can be drizzled with chocolate or fruit sauce for a fun kick of flavor.

If you like handheld foods, make empanadas. Your guests will love these awesome appetizers that consist of a thick dough shell filled with anything from sweet fillings to taco meat and more.

And, of course, don’t forget the nacho chips. Make an easy, delicious seven-layer dip that your guests can sink their teeth into.

Spice it up with Costumes

If you really want to go all out, include colorful costumes and ask your guests to arrive dressed in their best attire.

Check out stores like to find ponchos, sombreros, and accessories like maracas. A Day of the Dead theme is always a hit, too.

Mexican culture is filled with color, so don’t be shy when choosing your costume. Think deep red, bold green, and pops of vibrant yellow.

Set the Mood with Music

While you don’t have to listen to Latin music all night, it definitely makes for a fabulous celebration. Add some songs to your playlist and connect your smartphone or MP3 player to speakers and let the good times roll.

You can mix things up by adding some rock n’ roll, pop, or dance music in between the Latin songs.

Make Your Cinco de Mayo one to Remember

From boldly colored costumes and decorations to spicy drinks, these simple tips will ensure that your Cinco de Mayo party is the best one ever.

Play some classic Latin dance music, serve up classic Mexican finger foods, and you’re sure to host a party people will talk about for a long time to come.

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