6 Reasons Why Auckland is the Perfect Location for a Destination Wedding

//6 Reasons Why Auckland is the Perfect Location for a Destination Wedding
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Over 2 million American couples get married every year. That’s 6,200 weddings per day!

If your special someone popped the question, you may be getting ready to join the ranks in the next year or two. But what if an American wedding isn’t what you’ve envisioned?

More and more couples are looking into a destination wedding location for the perfect place to say “I do.” Not only does this give them the chance to get married somewhere truly romantic, but they can also save big bucks by having a smaller wedding hosted in a cheaper country.

If you’re set on a destination wedding but don’t know where exactly to tie the knot, why not consider Auckland, New Zealand? There are numerous benefits to hosting a wedding here that you can’t get in any other place.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover why Auckland is the perfect place for your upcoming destination wedding.

1. It’s Unique

While destination weddings are increasing in popularity, most couples still choose to have a wedding in their hometown. This means that your special day is sure to be unique by having it in another country.

However, many American couples opt for the Caribbean when planning their destination wedding. Although there are plenty of different Caribbean destinations, each with their own personality, many Caribbean weddings end up looking very similar: a flowy white dress on a white sand beach with tropical flower and other beachy elements in the decor.

But by planning your wedding in Auckland, your special day will definitely be something your guests have never seen before.

2. There are Tons of Wedding Venue Options

When you have an Auckland wedding, you aren’t limited to one type of venue. There are tons of beaches, parks, vineyards, botanical gardens, nature reserves, and even dormant volcanoes that can be transformed into your dream wedding location.

Of course, there are also plenty of venues in the city that will still give your wedding that romantic feel while being conveniently located near the hotels your guests are staying in.

But just like any other location, not all of Auckland’s venues will meet your needs. Make sure you do some research to find the top wedding venues and ask for a video tour before making your decision.

3. You Get to Personalize It

Remember when we said those beachy Caribbean weddings have a lot in common? This is partly because it’s such a popular spot to host destination weddings.

Many hotels put together wedding packages to make things easier on the couple. They may have the decorations, food, and centerpieces already planned! While this sounds great to some, it also means that you’ll end up with the same wedding that countless other couples had.

Auckland, on the other hand, isn’t quite as popular when it comes to destination weddings. While you can still find some premade wedding packages, most venues do not offer this service.

Sure, it’ll be a bit more work, but you’ll end up with a fully personalized wedding. Every little detail that you dreamed of as a child can still be incorporated instead of having to settle for a cookie cutter beach wedding.

4. You Can Escape the Cold

Are you looking for a way to escape the bitter cold of winter? Then we have some good news for you! The best time to visit Auckland just so happens to be during the winter months.

December through February offers temperatures that stay around the low 70s and only 30mm (1 inch) of rainfall on average! So, you can enjoy a nice warm wedding without worrying about sweating or freezing in your dress. Plus, the chance of rain ruining your outdoor affair is very slim.

Having a winter wedding is also convenient if you plan to travel for your anniversaries. This is the best time to visit plenty of places, including the Caribbean, Hawaii, the southern United States, South America, Australia, and, of course, New Zealand.

5. Everyone Can Make a Vacation Out of It

It’s no secret that your guests will likely want to spend a little extra time on location after your wedding. After all, they just paid all that money for a plane ticket, so why not make a vacation out of it?

Auckland has a little bit for every type of traveler. There’s white water rafting, zip lining, and skydiving for those looking for an adrenaline rush, while anyone who wants a relaxing trip can enjoy wine tours and relaxing on the beach. There’s also ample hiking and biking opportunities as well as cultural experiences that your guests are sure to love.

6. It’s Safe

The last thing you want is for your guests to feel unsafe during your wedding. Some destinations are known for being completely safe in the touristy or resort areas but being dangerous if you go just a few blocks too far.

Auckland isn’t like that. The city has a low crime rate and there aren’t any dangerous animals or insets to look out for. In fact, it’s one of the only two countries in the entire world that doesn’t have any snakes!

So, whether you have guests coming with children or traveling solo, they’re sure to feel safe both during your wedding and after as they explore the rest of what Auckland has to offer.

Best Destination Wedding Location

Don’t settle for a wedding in your hometown when you can have an amazing destination wedding that will celebrate your love for your partner and your love for traveling. If you want a unique spot with great weather and plenty to do, then Auckland just might be the best destination wedding location for you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed about everything that needs to get done? Then check out our wedding planning tips to help ensure your special day goes smoothly.

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