A Whole New Room: 5 Ways to Do a Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

//A Whole New Room: 5 Ways to Do a Bathroom Remodel on a Budget
  • Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Did you know that the average bathroom remodel cost is over $10,000?

That’s a lot of dough if you’re living on a budget. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the bathroom of your dreams. 

In fact, a bathroom remodel on a budget is much easier than you might think. Don’t know how to do it? Stick around because we’re breaking down the best ways to do it.

Read on to learn more!

1. Use Some Paint

It can be tempting to use tile in the entire bathroom. Although this can look nice, it can also chip away at a budget in no time.

Instead, grab a can of paint and do a little bit of the room with it. Consider using a color matcher to find the exact shade of the tile you have. You could also mix it up too of course!

If you can, do the painting yourself. Hiring a professional may mean you won’t save any money!

2. Decor Over Core

When you look at your bathroom, what do you see?

Is it really the ugliest room in the home, or does it just need some help? It’s easy to let a lack of decor make you want to core out the entire bathroom.

Instead, add more decor in places you haven’t had it before. A plant and a small table can go a long way in improving your bathroom. 

You can shop here for elegant bathroom decor that will transform your bathroom from a raggedy white room into a peaceful space. 

3. Refinish or Replace?

Most people consider the bathtub to be the focal point of the bathroom. And when you’re remodeling the room, it can be tempting to buy a brand new tub to replace the one you have.

While this may look nice, it will also destroy your budget. Chances are it’s the most expensive part of the room.

Instead, refinish your tub to make it look better but to keep it cheap. You might even want to consider touching it up instead of replacing it.

Who knows? It might just need a deep clean

4. New Sink? Faucet about It

One of the easier ways to save money on your bathroom is to not redo the entire sink. Instead, stick to changing out the faucet.

This isn’t nearly as hard as it might sound. And DIY bathroom remodelers can usually do it on their own. This is a simple and quick solution to make your sink shine.

5. Light It Up! 

The easiest way to make your bathroom look clean is by adding some extra lighting. It might take some electrician work, but it should be a cheap way to give your bathroom a clean feel.

Give a Bathroom Remodel on a Budget a Go!

Before reading this article, you might have thought a bathroom remodel on a budget would be impossible. After checking out a few of our tips, it should sound much easier than it did before. 

Thinking about redoing the rest of them home too? Check out this article on renovating a house on a budget!

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