9 Wedding Decoration Ideas For a More Modern Wedding

//9 Wedding Decoration Ideas For a More Modern Wedding

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Every couple wants their wedding to be a reflection of who they are, and that includes modern, trendy couples.

Weddings are full of traditions, but that doesn’t mean they have to be traditional per se. But while you’re shopping for wedding decoration ideas, traditional styles seem to be everywhere.

To make sure you can infuse your wedding with your personality, here are some modern wedding decoration ideas:

Nine Wedding Decoration Ideas for a Modern Look

A modern wedding is all about the details, so here are some ideas:

1. An Unconventional Venue

The largest factor in your wedding’s vibe is your venue. After all, if that part’s in place, you don’t have to do much decorating.

An unconventional venue is a great first step toward a modern wedding. Traditional wedding reception halls are great, but they can all run together. Imagine the impression you’ll make when your guests walk into an aquarium or a renovated factory.

By choosing a unique venue, you can also give it a more personal touch. Look for one that reflects your hobbies or passions as a couple.

2. Limited Flowers

In past decades, flowers were the main decorative feature for most weddings. But modern weddings are adding more variety to the decorations.

Instead of flowers, get creative with your centerpieces. Vases of fruit are increasingly popular, as are lamps, crystals, and other interesting decorations.

Some couples are turning their centerpieces into new ways to interact with their guests as well. Try setting up bowls with pieces of paper where guests can jot down their favorite memories with you or their best pieces of marital advice.

If you still need wedding decoration ideas for your centerpieces, use your venue as inspiration. Create or find items that align with your theme.

3. Wedding Welcome Sign

As with any other situation, a first impression is key for your wedding. You want guests to feel wowed and welcome from the first step they take into your venue.

In recent years, a welcome wedding sign has been a popular option. As a design feature, it welcomes your guests and creates an inviting, personal atmosphere from the door. As a practical feature, it helps guests find you, especially in venues with many rooms and hallways.

Just like any other part of your wedding decorations, you can customize your welcome sign to fit your style.

4. Lounge

We’re all familiar with the typical wedding reception set-up: rows of circular or rectangular tables in a large room. But reception lounges have become popular as a modern and thoughtful touch.

While your guests will still enjoy dinner at their conventional tables, set up a lounge area with plush seating and pillows. Place it away from the dance floor so it’s a more relaxing, peaceful space.

This lounge creates a great place for modern photos. But it also gives your guests a convenient and quiet place to get away from the party atmosphere.

5. City Skyline

As we mentioned, choosing the right venue cuts down on how much decoration you need. It can also double as the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

One of the most modern backdrops you can have is a city skyline. When you’re choosing your venue, think beyond the inside and look at the view outside as well.

Consider a high-rise with large windows or an outdoor deck where you can take the perfect modern romance photos.

Make sure to take the timing of your wedding into account, though. If you love the buildings near your venue but they’re not lit up at night and your wedding doesn’t start until 8 pm, it won’t serve you well.

Consider visiting your possible venues at the same time of day as your wedding to get a good look.

6. Non-Traditional Wedding Cake

Traditional wedding cakes are beautiful, but if they’re not your style, there are plenty of ways to modernize them.

Cupcake cakes have become popular options for unconventional couples. They also have the benefit that they don’t need to be cut, so you’ll save time, effort, and a cake-cutting fee.

You don’t have to miss the traditions of cutting a piece of cake for each other and saving the top tier for your first anniversary, though. You can do a small top tier while substituting cupcakes for the other layers.

If you aren’t crazy about cupcakes but you still want to be modern and original, just try a different shape. Square tiers are intriguing options that add a personal touch.

7. Monochromatic Color Scheme

Toss aside the old blue and pink color schemes from the 1980s. For a modern look, try decorating with varying shades of the same color. Mixing light orange with a deep burnt orange and shades in between can produce a stylish, trendy look.

Another way to do this modern wedding color scheme is to mix one color with white and black. It’s classy, sophisticated, and perfectly fitting for a modern wedding.

8. Accent Lighting

Take a closer look at those pictures of wedding decoration ideas all over your Pinterest. In many of them, it’s actually the lighting that makes them pop.

Intriguing lighting can even spice up a standard reception hall. Use it to highlight your favorite parts of the decor. Place dim or colored lighting strategically to create ambiance.

You can even vary your lighting with various parts of your ceremony and reception to create the right mood.

9. Wall Projections

Want to create the atmosphere of a modern, artsy reception hall but don’t have the budget? Consider renting a projector.

You can build the exact design based on your personal style and the atmosphere you want for your wedding. This can be a cost-effective way to get a stylish, modern, customized look.

Designing the Wedding You Want

Regardless of whether you’re planning your first wedding or you’re enjoying a second or third chance a “happily ever after,” your wedding is a monumental day.

It’s an opportunity to let your friends and family members celebrate your happiness with you and your new spouse. The day should reflect how original you and your significant other are.

For a modern wedding, your decorations are the perfect way to create the right atmosphere from the start, and the tips above can help.

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