5 Style Tips for Spring Outfits

//5 Style Tips for Spring Outfits
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Winter is winding down, the sun is beginning to leak through those cloudy skies and despite what Punxsutawney Phil thinks, we’re confident spring is close!

Brace for brighter days and warmer weather with the hottest spring outfits in 2018. We’ve compiled the must-have looks of the season, trends to experiment with, and what we’re looking forward to most for fashion this spring.

1. Think “Decades”

In the past few years, decades have become a style all on their own. Odds are you have a woman in your life who has embraced pin-up curls and high waisted pants, or harem pants and costume jewelry.

This year, the fashion world is preparing for a decadent season of decade-focused spring outfits.

Fashion of the 90s is seeing a revival and we expect the streets to be filled with fashion inspired by the years of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Friends. If you’re a true 90s kid, or just love the fashion of the decade, incorporate striking colors, brand name logos, and chunky shoes into your outfit.

Find clothing and accessories on sites like fashion-forward company Kleding Afterpay. Browse through printed sweatpants, sneakers, and bulky bags that just feel so 90s! Don’t forget a denim jacket to bring it all together.

2. Prints and Patterns

Spring is all about rebirth and renewal. The harsh winds of winter are waning and we’re left with sunnier days and dispositions. Mirror the change of the season with bold patterns, prints, and accessories.

It’s no surprise that florals and polka dots are slated to be the hot item for spring outfits this year. Their versatility, charm, and eye-catching designs heighten what we love most about the season.

There are a few new hot-topics this season that you should experiment with. Corduroy and velvet will be hot textures but our favorite trend of 2018 has to be embellished shoes.

At the tail-end of 2017, Mindy Kaling stepped out in clean, white sneakers with pearl embellishments and the entire world fell in love. Comfort meets elegance and creativity with bold shoes that you can hit the streets with.

3. Go ‘Round the Color Wheel

What’s the point of fashion if you can’t experiment. Vivid colors and pretty pastels are slated to be coming to a closet near you.

Play with color and dress based on your mood that day. If you’re feeling confident and daring, slip into the neon colors and prints of the season. Feeling ultra feminine and chic? Step into soft pastels and classic white.

Of course, when in doubt black is always a classic choice for a professional day in the office or brunch with the gals.

Legendary fashion designer and icon Karl Lagerfeld said it best, “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.”

Just as winter is coming to end, it won’t be long until we’re slipping off our spring outfits and heading into summer. Stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, tips, and tricks on our style blog.

Find inspiration for every season and feel empowered, inside and out!

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