9 Incredibly Helpful Things to Know Before Traveling to Australia

//9 Incredibly Helpful Things to Know Before Traveling to Australia
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Are you looking forward to traveling to Australia? I can only tell the excitement you are having. A once in a lifetime kind of experience awaits you in Australia.

Ranging from the beautiful natural sceneries, sunny sandy beaches, and views of the most beautiful and modern cities in the world all await you. Also, get to see a variety of animals like kangaroos and koalas, which are animal species.

Before you embark on your journey to Australia, we will provide you with tips that will help you prepare enough for your vacation. We will highlight some of the things you should expect and what is expected from you as a visitor.

1. Get Your Visa Before Traveling To Australia

Regardless of whether you are going for work or taking a leisure trip, a visa is a must regardless of how long you are to stay.

For short stays as a tourist, you can apply through the online platforms availed by the Australian government.

But for longer stays, you will need a different kind of visa. To make sure that you get the right type of visa, you can always consult with the home affairs department.

2. Understand The Weather

Unlike the northern America summers, the Australian summers get really hot. That is why you will hear of regular bush-fires within the country.

Conduct a weather forecast and determine the prevailing environment at that particular time you are visiting.

With a hot climate, you will be required to shop for a hat or sunscreen as the temperature can hit up to 40 degree Celsius. Otherwise, be prepared for some serious sunburns.

3. Familiarize Yourself With The Australian Lingo

You need to worry that much if you are a native English speaker. They do speak English, but their strong accent can confuse you.

It’s easier for you to confuse some of the words as slang words, but they are actually conventionally used words in Australia. For example, can you guess what arvo means? It actually means afternoon.

Am tempted to great someone “good arvo” today afternoon. Forget it. Its obvious none will understand me.

It easier for the Australians to know the American words, but on the vice versa, it will be hard for you. Hence find sources that will acquaint you to some of the words they use.

This will help you a great deal in socializing and fitting into the culture.

4. You, Will, Have To Exchange Your Money Into Australian Dollars.

The currency of exchange in Australia is Australian dollars with, of course, different denominations. To avoid the hassle, convert your cash at the airport.

The exchange fees are favorable at this point. Airports are facilitated with ATM where you can conduct such transactions.

Alternatively, make use of a credit card would be a perfect alternative. But first, inquire if there is any foreign transaction fee that you will have to incur.  

5. Understand Your Transport Means

Australia offers an airport transfer system in place once you alight from the plane. This is the most convenient means of transport you can get as a new person in the land.

You need to know that there are varying public transportation systems in each state. Sydney offers trains and buses while Sydney, part offers the two and ferries. For you to enjoy the ferry services, you need to have the Opal card.

Understand that the different transportation cards are limited to a specific state. 

6. Australia Is Rich In Diversity

Don’t tell me you are planning to go to Australia for two or three days. It’s nearly impossible to exhaust all that Australia has to offer to her visitors.

Australia is that country that is rich in diversity.  Therefore take your time in preparation for the trip.

You can’t take such a huge trip and get less than half of the experience you can get only if you would have spent a much longer time in Australia.

Australia being a huge country, you should brace yourself for long distances between your destination targets.

7. Tipping Is Not A Must

Australia has the highest minimum wages in the whole world. This means that the waiters and curb drivers get dissent income enough to cater for their needs.

Don’t be under pressure to tip a waiter while you are not even able to afford your meals in a foreign county. I am just kidding.

With the kind of room services, you might get you might be tempted to tip the room attendant. Nobody will stop you.

Did I tell you Australia has some of the best hotels. You should probably find out more on the Australian hotels from researching on the internet. You will see what I mean.

Go ahead. But make sure it’s something decent of course.

8. Try Tasting A Variety of Australian Foods

The taste of their food is just amazing.

You might be uncertain about trying out a new meal at first, but once it lands in your mouth, you will need more and more. Get to taste their meat pies.

There are other foods that you might not into term with but take it as an adventure and taste them.

Perhaps this is the kind of foods you can rarely find in your home country.

9. Explore Beyond The Cities

To realize the full potential of the rich diversity of Australia, don’t limit yourself to the cities and hotel rooms. This is one point that I cannot warp up without highlighting.

Go beyond the cities. Go west and visit Uluru and see the Outback. If you are a fan of whine, attend one that is organized at the outskirts of the city.

You will not only be treated to a variety of whine, but you will also wake up to sounds of kangaroos. 

Wrap Up

Before traveling to Australia, it’s good you research on what to expect there since its a place you are visiting for the first time.

Australia offers a whole range of activities. Make enough preparation before deciding to visit Australia. Make sure your visa is in check.

Familiarize yourself with the weather and language of the Australian people to help you easily socialize with people.

Plan on your means of navigation throughout the time you are in the country. Understand the rich diversities of Australia. This will help you have the most fun out of your trip to Australia.

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