9 Attic Bedroom Design Ideas to Get More Livable Space

//9 Attic Bedroom Design Ideas to Get More Livable Space
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Most attics are designed and used as storage space.

Are you interested in adding an extra bedroom to your home? Convert the attic to a bedroom! Attic bedrooms offer many benefits. They are a cost-effective way to add another bedroom and they may add value to your home.

The attic is also cozy and quiet — the perfect for space for a bedroom.

The average attic conversion only takes 10 days. But after you implement some of the necessary living comforts (such as ventilation and plenty of lighting), how do you design an attic bedroom?

Get your creative juices flowing with these 9 ideas for the perfect attic bedroom design!

1. Upcycle It Up!

Upcycling is one of the biggest trends in both fashion and décor. Upcycle is the act of repurposing an object (clothing item, furniture piece, etc.) so it’s of better quality. This trend is not only super chic but is also great for the environment.

If you’re crafty, find discarded items that you can re-make into bedroom furniture.

If you don’t have a crafty side, you can find plenty of quirky upcycled furniture that will look stylish. You can even find upcycled bedding — which is usually high-quality and handmade.

2. Get Your Vintage On

Right next to upcycling, the vintage and rustic trends are skyrocketing. What’s the perfect room to express this look? The attic! Many attics already have a rustic look, such as wooden floorboards and walls.

Pair this look with vintage bedroom furniture and rustic-inspired bedding and headboards.

Do you love vintage but are more regal than barnyard? You’ll be shocked how much a little bit of paint can transform a room! Paint the walls a safe shade such as white and display wall art. You can even add a rug for a bit of flair.

3. Let There Be Light!

The attic has a bad reputation for being dark and scary. Take away the fear of the attic boogeyman and put in some extra light. Install easy-to-open blinds to let in natural light. Install plenty of lamps, specifically big floor lamps.

You can also brighten up the room with some paint. Great paint examples include light blue, sunny yellow, lavender, soft neutrals, bright orange, and pink.

Even if you’re not the best interior designer, adding in some extra light can do wonders for an attic bedroom.

4. Big Windows

If you want to take the previous point a step further, install big windows. But this offers more than just light. You’ll get the best view from the attic — looking at the natural scenery from the highest point of the house.

Do you see a breathtaking natural view, of mountains or a lake? You’ll love a big window. What about city life and huge skyscrapers? A big window is still perfect!

Opt for a picture window or any type of window that creates an amazing view.

5. Keep Things Minimalist

Minimalism has become more than just a trendy design — it’s a movement. When it comes to attic bedrooms, minimalism is a necessity.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a spacious attic, you have to keep your furniture and belongings on a smaller scale.

Keep the essentials such as your bed, some drawers, and maybe another chair to sit on. If a dresser won’t fit, a wooden chest is a stylish storage option. Worst come to worst, you can always fit storage trunks under your bed.

6. The Perfect Child’s Room

Not sure where you’ll fit the kid’s room? If you have an attic you never use, the attic serves as the perfect children’s room. And you can still make the attic fun for kids!

Install some fun wallpaper. Hang up shelves for toys and other knick-knacks. Colorful bedding will brighten up the room. Invest in a fun bed frame, such as a car-shaped bed. It’s best to use a theme your child will love.

7. Keep the Natural Elements

Sometimes, you don’t need to do much with the attic. That’s because the attic has a distinguished look and style. Many natural attic design elements, such as brick walls and industrial pipes, create a unique atmosphere.

If this looks like your attic, only add in some basic furniture such as the bed and a nightstand. Your attic offers plenty of décor and style.

However, you may have to upgrade some elements. For example, you may need to re-brick the walls if the bricks are becoming loose.

Some upgrades are necessary for safety reasons, such as adding a new ladder. This article explains the necessity of ladder upgrades.

8. Raise the Roof

While this is more of a renovation than a remodel tip, increasing the attic’s roof space will create more space. You’ll be free to move in some larger furniture pieces, such as a big headboard or a tall bookshelf.

Keep in mind, not all homes can accommodate this. You’ll need the proper building codes and the help of a contractor.

What if your roof already has a high roof? Take advantage of it! Invest in larger-than-life bedroom furniture.

9. Add Some Paint

We offered some painting ideas in this article, but it’s important to emphasize the power of paint. The wall paint can make or break your bedroom. If you’re going for a certain theme, the paint must match.

A bold neutral, such as honey, can warm up the bedroom and isn’t too loud. If you want a more luxurious and over-the-top look, go with gold. If you’re looking for a romantic vibe, go with violet. Classic options include gray and soft white.

Create a Stunning Attic Bedroom Design

Are you transforming your attic into a bedroom? The conversion is only half the battle! If you’re stumped on attic bedroom design, hopefully these ideas inspired you.

Use simple and minimalist design options and add some light and paint to take away from the dreary attic appearance. Or, work with the natural attic appearance for a rustic look.

Need some more interior design inspiration? Take a look at some of these incredible celebrity cribs!

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