8 Simple Moving Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Mind During Your Next Move

//8 Simple Moving Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Mind During Your Next Move
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Believe it or not, moving does not have to be a dreadful process. If you prepare for it. 

Don’t allow it to be one of the most stressful things in life, like most people do. You can apply some moving tips and tricks that mean less work and less stress at no cost.

Read on for 8 quick and easy tips.

1. First Take Stock of the Important Stuff

This is when you should be putting aside the things you absolutely cannot lose: important documents and family heirlooms for example.

Whether you’re preparing to move down the block or learning how to move to America, things can get lost along the way. Don’t let that happen with anything important.

2. Donate the Extras and Clear Out the Trash

Moving is the perfect time to pare down the clutter. Donate what you can and throw the rest out. It will make the moving processes easier now, and it’s the first step for making the best use of space in your new home.

Used clothes, furniture, and appliances can be donated to places like Goodwill.

Even your old linens will be accepted at many animal shelters. Everything else that must go can go in the trash.

3. Moving Tips and Tricks for Preparing Your Boxes Ahead of Time

You can collect regular boxes from the grocery store nearby.

Cut your own handle holes in the sides of boxes

Get boxes of different sizes. Pack the heaviest items in smaller boxes and lightweight items in big boxes.

Have more boxes ready than you think you need. Better to have and not need, right?

4. Label Everything: Use a Color Coding System

Print labels on colored paper, or buy bright colorful stickers that you can just slap on boxes and bags.

Use a different color for each room of the house.

5. Wrap Clothes on Hangers in Garbage Bags 

This is one of the easiest tricks for quick and convenient packing.

Slide a plastic garbage bag around clothes hanging in your closet and pull the bag up snug around them, with the hangers still on.

When you’re moving into the new place, you can just hang them like that and slide the bags off again.

6. Use What You Have to Protect Fragile Items

Pack glassware in wine cases. You can get more while you’re picking up the other boxes.

Stack plates and bowls with paper/foam plate and bowl dividers.

Wrap other fragile items in towels and cloths.

7. Pack Heavy Items in Rolling Luggage

Once you’ve protected the most fragile and important things, the heavy items are the next thing to worry about.

Save those for your rolling luggage where they will fit. Then use your containers that are easiest to carry.

8. Keep Electronics Organized: Take Photos of Plugs

Just take a quick photo of the input and output ports while everything is still plugged in. That will be your cheat sheet.

Let Your Move Run Smoothly and Look Ahead

Now you can use these moving tips and tricks to make the process easier.

And once your move is done, make the most of your new home with ideas for home improvement that will make life easier and save you money at the same time.

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