8 Easter Gifts Ideas For Him & Her

//8 Easter Gifts Ideas For Him & Her

13 days left until the most beautiful holiday: Easter.

Besides the hot weather and spiritual cleanse, Easter brings a lot of gifts, too. I think that gifts are the things that make a holiday greater then it actually is. Personally, I can`t wait for it!

Easter is the time when everyone forgets about the everyday problems and enjoys the beautiful weather but also the heat of the soul. Easter is the time when everyone spends time with their family, everyone smiles, everyone is more connected to divinity and gives … GIFTS! Of course, before each holiday, people rush to buy all sorts of gifts or “small attentions” to friends, colleagues, parents, lovers, and as always, on the last hundred meters.

If you are out of ideas or need some inspiration in finding the perfect gift, I chose a few ideas that might help you, this time for him too, not just for her.



1. Perhaps perfumes are the most common gift (made or received). When you want to give a perfume is relatively easy. You can breathe the brands used by the person to figure out what flavors they prefer and what kind of perfumes they like. Although when it comes to choosing perfume for him we must take in consideration that sometimes men can be more demanding than women. But this is not a problem because SEPHORA takes care of it and prepares gorgeous sets like GUCCI Made To Measure Pour Homme . The set includes eau de toilette, after shave balm and an all over shampoo. It is a fragrance designed for strong and sophisticated men. You can buy it here for only $115 and it is free shipping!

  Easter Gifts Ideas For Him & Her - estilo tendances


2. Men have their needs too. They need care products and we know they are very practical so that`s why I chose from SEPHORA a traveler kit. It’s perfect because it contains glycolic facial cleanser, shave cream, facial moisturizer, invigorating rush hair + body wash, advanced formula lip balm and it comes packed in a quart-size zip top bag. Basically this set contains everything a man needs in order to look good while his traveling, for only 48$ and you can buy it here!

  Easter Gift Ideas For Him & Her - estilo tendances

3. Another perfect gift that is part of the skin section is The Art Of Shaving set, from SEPHORA. The kit contains pre-shave oil, shaving cream, aftershave balm and a shaving brush. This set is suitable for men who have sensitive, normal or dry skin. The products does not contain alcohol and parabens, and the oils are 100% pure essential. Also it is free shipping, $115 and you get it here!

  Easter Gifts Ideas For Him & Her - estilo tendances

4. For those looking for an original gift but also funny and useful HOP BEER SOAP is the perfect candidate. Even if the smell is not very pleasant, the soap’s properties are great for skin. If you choose to buy this you won`t regret because besides the fact that it`s kinda funny it comes at a good price, only $10.

  Easter Gifts Ideas For Him & Her - estilo tendances



5. What do women love most besides clothes and shoes? Perfumes. Therefore a very good idea of a gift are fragrances sets. I found a very good and quite affordable set from SEPHORA. The set includes eau de toilette, eau de toilette and a little of perfumed body lotion. These products are from GUCCI. Floral aromas make the woman who wears it feel like a flower, and men certainly will swarm around her like bees. It is a fragrance designed for charismatic, romantic and optimistic women. For $99.99 you can find it on Amazon!

  Easter Gifts Ideas For Him & Her -estilo tendances

6. Another type of perfume are candles. A sophisticated and unique candle is the one from BVLGARI ‘Eau the fragrance are the blanc’ Candle. The Floral scent that emanates offers a quiet and intimate atmosphere. Designed under elegant but also simple appearance, it fits anywhere. And it costs only $65.

  Easter Gifts Ideas For Him & Her -estilo tendances


7. When it comes to skin care products, I found an excellent kit that contains everything a woman needs for a home-spa. Amorepacific set from SEPHORA contains moisture bound rejuvenating creams, rejuvenating serum bound moisture, moisture bound rejuvenating eye treatment gel, treatment enzyme peel and a luminous effect brightening masque. This kit offers the pleasure of a luxury spa right in your home and it is designed for a beautiful, smoother and healthier skin. It is a little bit more expensive, but it is free shipping! Buy it here for $150.

  Easter Gifts Ideas For Him & Her - estilo tendances

8. If you want to give her a basket of flowers, I have an idea for a beautiful basket full of … roses. But not just any roses but Lauren Nichole`s Tea Rose basket. This wonderful basket is full of home-spa products. Contains bath cream, body cream, hand cream, bath caviar, bath soap, nail brush with pumice stone one and Mocha Roca Toffee Candy. I think it’s the ideal gift for HER. It’s pink, it’s filled with goods, it`s cute and cheap. What do you need more? Get it from Amazon for only $72.75, free shipping.


Lately, I get really excited around the holidays, and this time i can not wait for Easter to come.
Although I already had in mind the gifts I`ll buy, but once I made this list I found these more interesting than the ones I was thinking initially.

My choice:

For him, I would chose the traveler kit because it is very practical and the price is good.
For her, I would pick Lauren Nichole `s Tea Rose Basket as a gift because is sweet and colorful and besides these, is also practical.

I hope my ideas will help you! I wish that this holiday will bring along gifts and great moments. Happy Easter!

                                                       PS: Don`t forget to be fab!!!

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