Hottest Sunglasses Trends For 2014

//Hottest Sunglasses Trends For 2014

If you are on your way to buy a new pair of sunglasses, stop!

First you have to know which are the main characteristics you should look for when choosing your eyewear and which are the latest trends dictated by the designers. They are the ultimate fashion accessories in the summertime and more important, they provide protection for our eyes.

Sunglasses are the ones that save our look when we have only 10 minutes for getting ready to go out and they protect our eyes from the beloved sun. Our everyday summerish outfit wouldn’t be the same without them. Every year the eye-wear collections are dictating new trends and visions upon these fashionable “must-have”. Whether it comes to colors, shapes or details, the biggest brands within the industry are fighting to provide us with the perfect pair of sunglasses. Even if the so-called “trends” are just reinterpretation of consecrated styles, the innovation doesn’t miss.

How do I choose the most appropriate pair of sunglasses?

Before talking about trends, it is important to underline some features you should keep in mind before buying your eye wear. When choosing the proper pair of sunglasses, you have to take into consideration a series of characteristics.

1. Level of Protection

The most important feature of eye wear is the level of protection they provide. We shouldn’t forget the main reason why we wear sunglasses i.e eyes protection. What damages our eyes is the exposure to the UV radiation, UVA and UVB.

The main difference between the two types of radiation is that the former one is present every day during the year and penetrates deeply our skin, 20 times more than UVB. The latter cannot pass through window and is mainly dangerous in the summer when it reaches the highest level of intensity in the middle of the day.

For this reason, a pair of sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of this type of radiation are the best. It can also appear the mark “UV absorption up to 400 nm”, which practically means the same thing. If we are not careful in choosing the proper protection, the eyelid or even the cornea can be damaged and the developement of eye degenerations such as cataracts is likely to occur.

The reason why buying a more expensive pair of sunglasses has more incentives of assuring a higher quality is the level of  protection they provide and also the quality of lenses. For instance, the polarized lenses reduce the reflected sunlight on surfaces like water and snow, but are more expensive than regular ones. Only after checking all the characteristics described above you can focus on the shape, the material, the color and other design details.

2. Face shape

Inform yourself, mostly if you want to purchase them on-line, which are the most adequate styles taking into consideration your face shape. There are four main types of face shapes: oval, round, heart and squared, each of them having the right style of sunnies that compliments its main features the best.

  • If you have an oval face, then you can consider yourself lucky! Any type of sunglasses is appropriate for your balanced feature. From rectangular to the oval shapes and from cat-eye to the aviator, you can experiment with all shapes and styles;
  • For the ones of you who have round face, you should go with more angular frames. This type of square sunglasses will balance the roundness of you features and will add some definition to your look by making your face seem longer;
  • Heart shape? Your sharp chin and wide forehead are overwhelmed by round and oval shapes. You can also try the cat-eye style which will soften your features;
  • If your facial features are in line with the followings: square chin, wide forehead and defined jaw, you should focus you attention on roundies. This type of retro sunglasses will highlight your most beautiful characteristics of your square face.

3. Design Details

 One of the main questions when picking sunnies is the colors of the frames. If you like classics, then black or brown are very practical and easy to match with your outfit. If you are more rebellious, go for the colors and prints. The perfect way of choosing the best color is according to your skin tone.

For instance, a person having warm skin tone should choose between colors that are in contrast it such as gold, peach, copper, orange, coral, ivory, red or blue. In the opposite direction persons having a lighter skin tone should pick between black, silver, brown, plum, magenta, jade or blue.

Another important characteristic of the sunglasses lays in the details, the little accessories used for giving eyewear their dose of personality. You can choose from gold insertion details, or for little pearls that give a more sophisticated twist to your entire look. Details are reinterpreted by designers season after season and you should align them to your personal statement and attitude.



4. Brand

You also might want to take into consideration the brand. Even though this shouldn’t be a priority, there is a level of quality assurance that comes together with well-established brands. Unknown brands can use low-quality lens or materials in producing the sunglasses and this can harm your eye, so you might adopt a snobbish attitude towards choosing the right ones.

The Luxottica group is producing the majority share of the sunglasses industry, whether we are talking about Prada, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani (more recently) and so on. Ray-Ban is probably the most well-known brand on the market. One major reason is the fact that the brand founded in 1937 delivers a various range of styles for different budgets. Following them, Luxottica’s brand: Oakley is also quite established on the market. Their products main features are quality and durability. Designer brands like Prada, Gucci and Armani are also customers’ favorites. This kind of brands target a little bit higher, to the high-end customers like celebrities and wealthy people. The sunglasses having one of the above-mentioned logos will assure that you are following the latest trends, being very stylish, but also providing care for your precious eyes.



Which are the latest sunglasses trends?

1. The bold style

This style is characteristic to strong personalities, the ones who dare and are very self-confident. Since Miu Miu is one of the designers who adopted this trend, it is clear which the target client is. If you like to exaggerate when it comes to your accessories, do it with style by choosing a pair of bold sunglasses.


2. Roundies

For me this style screams fun. From the one who consecrated this style, John Lennon, to the young generation, anyone who wears this kind of sunglasses is characterized by that vintage element so cool these days. This type of eye wear was attentively approach by designers like Chanel, Dior and Armani this season.


3. Cat eye style

This is my favourite style. It is elegant, sophisticated and very high-fashion. Dior latest collection of eye wear really pushed the cat-eye shape to a new level of finesse. Celebrities around the world are caught in the cat-eye sunglasses phenomena and I can understand why.


4. Details

Nothing makes the difference as details do. Weather we’re talking about small gold accessories, or precious stones, this kind of elements make a piece of accessory to stand out. Tiffany & Co is one of the brands really focused on this kind of component that adds personality and at the same time defines luxury.


5. Colors, colors, colors!

If you think of stepping a little out of the classic, a colorful pair of sunglasses is the key. Just taking a look at the gorgeous Versace purple pair and I am already convinced. It can be purple, can be red or maybe green, but as long as you left beside the classic black/brown/white, you’re in!


6. Mirror, mirror on the wall

If fashionistas showed up at Vogue festival last week wearing mirror lenses sunglasses, then it’s a trend! Beside the stylish look they provide, this type of lenses will protect your eyes even more than a normal lense, reducing visible light!


I hope our guide in choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses, as to check the most important characteristics regarding protection and style was useful for you, girls!

And remember, the summer days will be funnier with the right pair of sunnies! 🙂

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