7 Types of Boots Every Woman Should Own

//7 Types of Boots Every Woman Should Own
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Every woman knows that you can never have too many boots. There are boots for every occasion on any day with any kind of weather.

They never go out of style.

In fact, there are seven types of boots that we believe every woman should have. Read on to learn our seven picks.

1. Ankle Boots

Whether they have a heel or not, ankle boots are a go-to boot for any cute outfit.

Ankle boots come in all sorts of styles, heel heights, and toe shapes. You can have any sort of ankle boot for your closet. From the ever-so-popular Chelsea boot to the classic bootie, there is an ankle boot for your style and preference.

Ankle boots became a great solution for those women with calves not fit for a knee-high boot. Whether with dresses or jeans, the ankle boot can form to anyone’s figure and highlight anyone’s legs.

These small yet mighty fashion symbols are cute from day to night with any style. Knowing how to style ankle boots for any of your outfits is vital for any ankle boot owner and lover.

2. Combat Boots

Combat boots, or army boots, were initially designed for soldiers in combat, hence the name. While the style is still worn by much of the military personnel today, it is also being used by civilians.

Obviously, the two functions are completely different, but the boot’s fashion remains relatively the same.

Civilian combat boots, which are the ones we’re recommending for your closet, are typically found in any color with any pattern, but there are some that mimic military boots whether in army green or strict black.

Fashionable combat boots still tend to hold true to the standard round toe and chunky heel design found in military boots. However, some combat boots add a few other elements like higher and more flexible heels.

The combat boots that you put in your closet may not pass military guidelines, but they will put a nice, edgy twist on your boldest outfits.

3. Stilleto-Heeled Boots

Any type of boot with a stiletto heel can make a great addition to your closet. These high heels can be found on any kind of boot from the ankle boots we discussed earlier to the thigh-highs we’ll suggest later.

Stilletos are one of the most classic choices to date while still remaining bold and stylish. Most women see this shoe as a more conservative replacement for pumps in the workplace.

The stiletto-heel boot is yet another kind of boot that is able to be customized to what you prefer. You can have any kind of boot with this heel in your closet. It is definitely a showstopper in any style.

4. Different Types of Boots for Weather Conditions

Having a practical boot to suit your weather needs, whether in rain or snow, is the best thing that you can do to save your entire shoe closet. A sturdy, functional boot is bound to protect the rest of your shoes from the wear and tear of Mother Earth while remaining the cute pairing with all sorts of outfits.

There are many stylish designs to go along with functional fur or plastic covers. Many companies have made it their mission to make fashionable boots that are resistant to all sorts of weather.

From rain to snow, there are boots that are made to withstand your area’s weather pattern. Choosing the right boots for your climate is essential to saving your closet, your sanity, and your feet.

5. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are fairly new to the fashion scene. Many women think that they are only fit for Texas or Tennessee women, but this simply isn’t true. There are many companies that have made styles for all sorts of women and their wants.

These boots are even being made out of fabrics other than cowhide leather. However, this shift was more in line with the movements against cruelty than the movements for more fashionable shoes.

Regardless, cowboy boots are now made with different prints, styles, and fashions. Whether worn in beachy California or ranchland Texas, cowboy boots can meet your fashion needs.

6. Riding Boots

Knee-high boots, now commonly referred to as riding boots, are a popular essential for any women’s closet. These boots are great for pairing with casual jeans or dressy bodycons.

From vintage styles to minimalist feels, knee-high boots can complete the vibe you’re looking for in an outfit.

There is a riding boot for every occasion. Plus, they’re one of the most comfortable boots that are also able to work in cold and warm weather.

Whether it’s without a heel or with a six-inch heel, knee-high boots are the best boot to have in your collection if you’re looking for a faithful shoe that you can seamlessly transition from a day in the office to a night on the town.

7. Thigh-High Boots

For a little boost in your outfit and your look, go for an even higher boot: a thigh-high boot. With their sleek look, thigh-high boots are much more of a statement piece than any other boot we’ve talked about so far.

These boots are fantastic for covering up while still showing off. They can be worn with dresses, jeans, skirts, tights, and everything in between.

Don’t worry if you’ve got thick thighs or unpermissive calves. Many companies make expansive collections of thigh-high boots to fit any body type.

Thigh-high boots may seem a little too extreme for the average woman, but there should be no fear in showing off your nice pair of leg-long beauties.

These boots may also have heels if you’re into making an even bigger statement. Either way, we’re sure that you could make a real trend going in your town with these boots.

Go Shopping and Get Walking!

Now that we’ve gone through the types of boots, go out and get your go-to pairs.

We understand that some of these boots may feel out of your comfort zone, but we are sure you can rock any styles with some confidence of a little bit of help from Pinterest.

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