9 of the Best Flowers for All Occasions: This is What You Should Send

//9 of the Best Flowers for All Occasions: This is What You Should Send
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Did you know people have been using flowers to convey feelings of love or condolence, send messages, and even as acts of passive aggression since the Victorian era? Flowers serve as symbols and stand-ins for conversations and their meanings greatly. When it comes to giving flowers, you want to know the right kind to send.

Check out our list for the best flowers for all occasions.

9 Great Flowers For All Occasions

Flowers have a rich history and many different meanings depending upon color, pattern, and type. You do not want to offend someone by sending the wrong kind of bouquet.

If you know what you want to send or need some help picking out an arrangement, an online florist shop can help you find the right kind of flowers for all occasions.

In the meantime, consider these flowers for your next gift.


Over 25,000 species of orchids have been documented all over the world. They grow in all sorts of colors, patterns, sizes, and produce wonder scents. For these reasons, orchids are popular flowers to gifts someone from occasions ranging from a housewarming party to a baby shower.

During the Victorian era, orchids were given as a sign of love or reverence because they were exotic. However, this meaning has changed over time as they are easier to get. Now, they are perfect for any occasion.


Chrysanthemums also referred to as mums, are a hardy flower that come in many different beautiful colors. Over time and throughout different cultures, the meaning of mums has shifted between positive and negative.

Red, pink, and pink mums are traditionally seen as symbols meaning lasting friendship, joy, enduring love and devotion. Yellow mums are sometimes viewed as signs of neglect or slighted love. When presenting chrysanthemums as occasion flowers, be careful about the message you are sending.


The symbolism of tulips is ancient. In the famous Persian fairy tale known as the legend of Farhad and Shirin, the first red tulip was grown from an act of sacrificial love. While this is only a story, tulips are associated with love, new beginnings, and forgiveness.

Red tulips in a bouquet of flowers are typically gifted as signs of love, but any color tulip, pink, yellow, red, or white, can be gifted for any occasion.


The lilies most commonly gifted are lilies-of-the-valley or calla lilies. They are lovely, delicate blooms that have associated with beauty for thousands of years. The goddess Hera is believed to have created the first lily flower in Greek mythology.

The dainty appearance and gentle color palette of lilies-of-the-valley and calla lilies make them good choices for occasions like Mother’s Day or part of sympathy arrangements.


The Latin name for carnations, Dianthus, translates to “flower of the Gods.” Carnations have long been viewed as emblems of respect, admiration, love, and passion. Although, you should know before you plan to give a bouquet of carnations, the different colors of carnations carry different meanings.

Red, pink, and white carnations generally hold positive meanings associated with love or warmth. However, yellow, purple, and striped carnations are not so positive. These colors can be seen as signs of rejection, regret, or sorrow.


Daisies have had a place in popular culture: in songs, as nicknames, and as attractive gifts for a long time. Daises are often linked with the image of children or babies, so they often symbolize new beginnings or innocence. They have a gentle look but are a hardy flower.

The delicate appearance and connection with fresh starts make daisies a great flower present for recent graduates, housewarming parties, baby showers, or relationship or wedding anniversaries.


Daffodils, also known as wild narcissus, are common arrangement flowers. This name is derived from the Greek legend of Narcissus, a vain young man who fell in love with his own reflection in a stream. Narcissus was so transfixed by his own image that he did not eat or sleep.

After a few days, he passed out from exhaustion and drowned in the river. In his place, a yellow flower, a daffodil grew. Because of this legend, some see the daffodil flower as an emblem of vanity.

The opinion and meaning of daffodils have changed and seen a boost in popularity over the years. The traditional color you may see daffodils come in is yellow, but they can range from white, pink, red, and orange or combinations of two or more of these hues. Now, daffodils are tied to luck, friendship, love, and joy, making them great flowers for any occasion.


Sunflowers have been a captivating source of inspiration spanning multiple forms of art. They are able able to communicate many emotions and feelings and are used for many types of occasions. Sunflowers are optimistic and durable, vibrant flowers.

They are often used as symbols for endurance, positivity, devotion, and good luck. The message they send is to keep your chin up, stand tall, and to keep going. This makes sunflowers a good choice from occasions such as retirement, graduation, anniversaries, or as get well soon flowers.

Aster flowers

The name aster comes from the Greek word for “star.” They are also a part of a famous legend. According to a Greek myth, the god of thunder, Jupiter created a flood on the Earth to wipe out the population of men.

Astraea requested she be turned into a star and in her place in the sky, she cried for the lost lives on Earth. Everywhere her tears fell, aster flowers bloomed. Aster flowers have come to symbolize patience, afterthought, virtue, and wisdom.

Aster flowers make a thoughtful gift for someone you admire, to show remembrance, or to wish someone patience in a troublesome time.

Sending The Right Flowers

Flowers have many different meanings and interpretations. Whether you are looking to send a bouquet of flowers to someone to congratulate them on a job well done, for their birthday, or to accompany a get well soon cards, consider sending these flowers.

The gift of flowers is a very thoughtful and meaningful act, just make sure you know what message you are sending.

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