7 Tips For Oily Skin

//7 Tips For Oily Skin

Dry, flaky skin seems to get all the attention, so women with oily skin might feel a little left out when it comes to skin care. Though it may be overlooked, oily skin conditions can be just as tough to manage as the dry variety. That doesn’t mean you should get discouraged though. Oily skin can be treated, but it takes careful planning and a knowledge of what to do and what to avoid.

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What Is Oily Skin?

First, it’s important to understand just what oily skin is. Scientifically speaking, oily skin happens when the glands that produce oil, the sebaceous glands, tend to be larger and more concentrated on your face. It’s a genetic condition, which means there’s no real means of prevention. Oily skin can worsen depending on factors like hormone and stress levels, but it will usually remain a constant. People who have oily skin often feel greasy even hours after they’ve dried off from a shower. Oily skin also tends to attract dirt and can easily lead to acne and other skin imperfections. Women with oily skin often see their makeup wear off quickly during the day. For those still uncertain about their skin type, consult a dermatologist. Because preventing oily skin it is also important, check out this Wiki How article.

In order to maintain a healthy skin, i wrote these easy 7 tips for you to follow.

1. Wash Well

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If you have oily skin, you’re going to want to keep to a steady schedule when you wash your face–specifically around two times a day. If you wash any more, you may end up stripping your skin of essential moisturizers, which might just make your skin produce even more oil. You’ll also want to go easy on your face. Use a gentle cleanser, and make sure that it doesn’t have any oil of its own.

Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash Foam Cleanser is a good item to check out.

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2. Prime Your Skin

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If you want to make sure your makeup lasts all day, one of the first things you should do is prime your skin. Putting on a good, oil-free primer first will help your makeup last, but don’t feel like you need to slather yourself in it. Only prime the areas of your face that are the oiliest–think the areas of the forehead, chin, and nose.

The Anti-Shine Foundation Primer from the Sephora Collection will allow you to keep that makeup looking good for at least eight hours.


3. Use Toner

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Toner can be especially useful for people with oily skin. In fact, one of toner’s main functions is to lower the skin’s pH levels and get rid of impurities the cleansing process didn’t take care of. Toner should not be used excessively since the most effective toners contain alcohol.

Take a look at the SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner for a product designed for oily skin.


4. Careful With The Moisturizer


Moisturizer is still a crucial part of any skin care routine, even for those with oily skin. But if you have oily skin, you’ll definitely want to use moisturizer in moderation. The kind of moisturizer you use is also really important. Look for ones that are considered light. Tinted moisturizers are also a good choice since they can get rid of excess oil. In addition to that, look for moisturizers that contain antioxidants as part of their ingredients. As a personal care company, Nu Skin says, antioxidants fight cell-damaging free radicals and in turn “help slow the internal and external aging process.”

For a good moisturizer, you’ll want to take a closer look at Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.


5. Absorb That Oil

Remove Oil

Cleaning your face regularly can do wonders for your oily skin, but what do you do in the middle of the day when your face starts to feel greasy? Try some oil absorbing sheets. Not only do they do a great job of absorbing facial oils, they also won’t mess up your makeup.

For a good product that’s economical too, check out the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.


6. Eat a Good Diet


While you can’t entirely prevent oily skin, you can minimize its effects. One way is by watching what you eat and adjusting your diet. You’ll first want to avoid oily foods since those can naturally make oily skin conditions worse. You’ll then want to include more natural foods into your diet–foods like fruits and vegetables. Foods that are high in vitamins B5 and B2, like nuts and whole grains, are also good choices since a lack of these of vitamins may end up contributing to oily skin.

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7. Drink Water

Drinking Water

This can apply to almost any skin condition you can think of. Drinking water is an essential step to having healthy skin. Not only does water hydrate and moisturize your skin naturally, it also flushes out impurities. Try adding some lemon to your water to cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

These are just a few suggestions for dealing with oily skin. Put these tips into practice and you’re bound to see results. And when things get bad, just remind yourself that people with oily skin do tend to age at a slower rate than others. That should provide some comfort.

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