7 Timeless Hair Care Tips

//7 Timeless Hair Care Tips

Long or short, thick or thin, blond or black we all want our hair to look its best possible. Well, the truth is that it all starts with healthy hair – the healthier it is, the better it looks. Unfortunately, in our fast paced life style we often over look the importance of hair care and go for the easy quick solutions. However, sooner or later all the stress has its toll on our hair. So, today  we are going to take the time and look into some easy tips and routines you can incorporate in your life to make it easier both for you and your hair. And ladies, I want to highlight that these are all trick that I have personally tried and applied!

#1 Trimming


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Do not underestimate its importance!

We all have had this crazy moments when we decide to chop off our hair and we even like rocking a shorter look for a while, but let’s face it, eventually we start missing our long locks. And we want them back ASAP. Thanks to that we usually vow to never ever cut our hair again. And that right there is our first mistake.Trimming our hair actually allows it to grow faster. I remember, the first time when I went for a short bob, exactly two weeks later I needed a haircut because my hair had grown considerably. So, weather you are growing your hair or not do not swear off trimming. It is one of the healthiest thing you can do for your hair. The optimum is to get a cut every three or maximum four months. This allows you to get rid off all the damaged ends and to revive your locks. Moreover, according to hair stylists, the hair looses its form if you go any longer without trimming.


#2 Washing

washing hair

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Another huge issue we are all familiar with is exactly how often to wash our hair. Here applies the rule – the rarer the better. Washing your hair everyday is equal to suicide.At least do it every other day. However, the longer you can go without washing the better. Doing it too often damages your hair and by washing off the oils it actually leads to increase production and easier greasing. I know it is kind of difficult, but if you get pass a few days with greasy hair, next time it simply isn’t going to get that greasy for that same amount of time.

#3 Shampoo


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Speaking of washing, the question of what type of shampoo comes naturally. I am not about to recommend you a particular brand or kind. It takes time to find the right shampoo for you. However, my suggestion is to always use at least two brands at a time. Do not let your hair get used to just the one. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, because more often than not a brand disappears from the market or they change the formula. Secondly, if your hair grows accustomed to a particular shampoo, well after a while it stops doing wonders for your hair. Always rotate!


#4 Temperature


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While still on the toping of washing another relevant question comes to mind – with what temperature to wash our hair. The best option is to first use hot water, so the hair will open up and take in all the things you use such as conditioners and masks. After that you should finish up with cold water in order to seal everything inside the hair.

#5 Drying

Naturally, after washing comes the drying. Honestly if you can avoid dry blowing your hair , do it! There is a difference! You are really saving your hair some stress. Think of it like that – if you have to choose between blow drying or using something like flat-iron or curling iron – what will you choose. Using constantly both will damage your hair beyond recognition. Spare your hair some suffering and let it dry out on its own.


#6 Heat

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Found on: newbeauty.com

Here comes the heat. We all know it is one of the worst things we can do to our hair but we all do it anyway. Usually it is because we do not have time and it is the quickest solution.Skipping the blow drying and using heat is one step better than doing both. However, sometimes your hair really needs a break from it all. It is not that scary and you can still look fabulous. One option is to go for braids. By the way, that is also a solution for the days you are trying to go longer without washing your hair but you feel it looks greasy – the best braids are on greasy hair. Another option is to try no-heat techniques for curling. For instance, there was a period, my hair was really stressed out so I stopped blow drying and using heat, and actually this led to finding some great options for curling like using sock buns or hair bands.The options are limitless. The best part is that you just stumble out of bed and your hair is ready!

#7 Styling

styling hair

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I am well awear that we all do not roll out of bed with perfectly looking hair which stays fixed the whole day.We all need some styling and something to hold it in place. However, the worst thing you can choose is hairspray – there is no second opinion on that topic. It is the most damaging product for tha hair as well as one of the worst and most artificial looking like. There is a little trick I really grew to love as of late: while your hair is still wet you can apply some hair foam and then dry it. The result is that your hair will be easier to style and will hold in place without looking awkward.

What are your timless hair care secrets?

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