How To Master The All-White Trend

//How To Master The All-White Trend

All over the Spring runways in 2014, the all-white trend is still considered to be fresh, chic,  but maybe not that innocent. It’s the perfect trend for all the seasons and designers have shown us that you can’t get bored with white. There are a million ways to wear it and accessorize it. If you’re looking to make a monochromatic statement, you can do it by wearing white.

We’re beginning to see more and more white: on the streets, on the red carpets and, I cannot even say how much white, on the runways.

The All-White Trend on The Runways

When it comes to the hottest spring trends, the white lace dress is one of them, you can be sure that designers have filled the runways with romantic threadwork. This trend can be worn everywhere, not just if you’re walking down the aisle. You can live happily ever after if you just get your hands on a white lace dress.

Here are some of Chloé’s Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear white and pierced lace dresses, just filled with romance.


If you’re interested in a menswear approach, then an all-white suit is your next choice. Get inspired from Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear head-to-toe white pantsuit. It’s an impeccably crafted suit, just like the designer’s impeccable taste in fashion.

She has also use the all-white look in her Fall 2015 collection, making that sweater-pencil skirt combination look very cozy and stylish.

The All White Trend

Ralph Lauren also presented some precise cut white suits in his Spring 2015 collection: a truly elegant, yet comfortable look.


Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2015 collection was an explosion of flowers, combined with some all-white pieces, here and there. The designer has been experiencing with simple fabrics, embellished with unexpected materials and mixed with technology accents.

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A few elegant all-white dresses and jumpsuits or two-piece suits have hit the Elie Saab Spring 2015 runway collection. He always did a great job with his collections and outfits, so there are no actual words that could point out how beautiful and elegant and flawless and gorgeous they are.

The All White Trend (

The All White Trend (

The All-White Trend on The Streets

Let’s see how the ladies worldwide create all-white looks and wear them on streets and here, my main focus is on outfits from Fashion Weeks. As you can see, the keyword is: street-chic. 

On the streets, ladies tend to have a more relaxed and sometimes edgy look, adding some colorful accessories to a white outfit. It seems rather simple to throw on a white shirt and a white pair of pants on you and to have that white look. However, I’m thinking not everybody can pull it off. Yes, it may be simple throwing clothes on us, but the accessories and the attitude make the all-white look going.

You can learn a thing or two from these ladies, for example: how to layer a short sleeve blouse over a long sleeve shirt and a middle cut skirt; or how to get a touch of edge by wearing a sleeveless short jacket mixed with an asymmetric skirt; or how to combine a white fur coat with a pair of loose office trousers and white sneakers; or how to pull of a semi-innocent look by tucking a shirt under a rather sheer skirt. Plenty of options…

This monochrome style is on the edge!

The All White Trend

The All White Trend

The All White Trend



The All-White Trend on The Red Carpet

Not just the streets and runways are filled with white looks. The 2015 Oscars are also! These ladies here are definitely worth admiring. Even Lady Gaga, with her eccentric known style, amazed  and surprised everybody in that beautiful gown. Looks like less is more. 

It is a well-known fact that black is THE color of every woman’s wardrobe. Black was always THERE, so that women could wear it for any event, party, meeting or other occasion. Perhaps it has recently met its match with white taking over the runways and streets. White is known to be an excellent noncolor that suits every type of accessory. So we should learn to embrace it and show a little more interest in it.

White is certainly NOT a universal color. It’s a statement one and it’s worth hanging in our closets.

What do your think of the all-white trend? Did you like any of the outfits?

How would you wear white?

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