7 Self Care Ideas to Help Keep Stress Away

//7 Self Care Ideas to Help Keep Stress Away
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Recent research shows that women in Western Europe and the United States are nearly twice as stressed as men.

A lot of this stress can arise from how women spend a lot of their time thinking about and caring for others. And, as a result, women often forget to take care of themselves.

But, taking time out for yourself is essential to ensure that you’re ready to face the stresses of everyday life.

Read on for seven self care ideas to help keep you feeling balanced.

1. Get an Early Night

Sleep has great restorative powers for your body and mind. And, after a great night’s sleep, you’ll be raring to go tomorrow.

Switch off the TV and head to bed with a good book. Read until you start to doze off and then drift off into a peaceful sleep.

2. Eat Nourishing Foods

Sugary treats, fast food, soda, and alcohol might make you feel good at the moment but this is no way to nourish your body.

Make each meal an opportunity to provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals you need for good mental and physical health. Take your time to savor dishes filled with energizing protein, complex carbs and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

3. Make Time for Hobbies

Taking some down time to enjoy a hobby can help you stay in the moment and distract you from stress. This could mean indulging in your favorite pastime or trying out a new hobby to see if you like it.

Just about any hobbies work as great self care ideas. But, putting your energy into something creative, such as gardening or painting, helps to activate reward centers in the brain and directly reduces stress.

4. Pamper Yourself

Caring for your body on the outside, with a relaxing and invigorating Thai massage, for example, can do wonders for your internal state.

So, don’t neglect the importance of pampering yourself regularly. It’s amazing how a long bath or painting your toenails can help to restore and revive you.

5. Embrace Your Inner Child

Get in touch with the child inside you and relive the passion you had for running, skipping and jumping for the fun of it.

Dancing is another great stress-reliever which is also lots of fun. Why not try out dance classes and remember how great it feels to move your body just because you can?

6. See the Funny Side

Don’t underestimate the power of a good chuckle. Laughter encourages the release of feel-good endorphins to relax and revive you.

Practice self-care and reduce stress by taking in a comedy movie, watch clips of your favorite stand-up comedian on YouTube, or call up that friend who usually has you in stitches.

7. Get Outside

A dose fresh air and sunshine is one of the easiest and most effective self care ideas to practice.

When you have a lot to do, it can feel like a waste of time to go for a walk or sit outside relaxing. But often, getting outside is a great way to recharge your batteries and get the focus you need to take on the rest of the day.

Take Time Out to Practice These Self Care Ideas

We can often feel that we’re too busy to take some time out for ourselves.

But, by practicing self-care we help to make ourselves more efficient and better prepared to face the world. Plus, learning to focus on making time for life’s pleasures means a less stressed and much happier you!

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