7 Essential Gifts to Add to Your Baby Shower Registry

//7 Essential Gifts to Add to Your Baby Shower Registry
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You’re read the books, done the exercises, and now you’re ready for your new baby.

The baby shower is one of the longest standing traditions worldwide. It’s a time for the mother-to-be and her friends and family to gather around and celebrate the wonder that is motherhood.

However, it’s also a time to bestow upon the expectant mom some great gifts for both mom and baby. It can be tough to know what to put on your registry, after all, there are so many options!

Make sure your registry contains the following for great gifts that are both fun and helpful.

7 Essential Gifts to Add to Your Baby Shower Registry

1. A Spa Gift Card

As a new mother, you’re going to be stressed out. A lot. Your body is surging with all sorts of new hormones and it can feel like the world is out to get your baby.

You deserve to pamper yourself with wonderful oils and massages.

One of the best things you can do for yourself (and your family) is allowing yourself some time to relax. Be sure to include a spa gift card so you can treat yourself.

2. Baby Clothes

It’s a fact of life that you can never have too many baby clothes. Adding some clothes to your registry isn’t just adorable, it’s smart.

On average, a baby goes through over a dozen different outfits during their first few weeks alone!

And not all of it is from growth. You’ll want some extra clothes on hand in case your baby soils or spits up on their new threads. It’s a mommy rule of thumb that you can never have too many baby clothes, so be sure you’ve got some on your registry.

3. A Crib or Crib Mattress

Now let’s get to one of the biggest essentials your baby will need: a crib or new crib mattress. If you’ve had children before, you probably already have an older crib that will suffice.

Best of all, you can pretty much pick up baby cribs or mattresses wherever baby goods are sold. It’s an easy gift for your loved ones to pick up, but it’s still extremely helpful to have on hand.

4. Bottles

It’s never a bad idea to ask for a few extra bottles. Having a few extras on hand can make your life so much easier.

Make feeding time easier by preparing some bottles in advance. That way all you have to do is heat up the bottle and feed your little love.

5. Breast Pump

Of course, in order to prepare those bottles in advance, you’ll need a breast pump. Pumping isn’t just helpful, it’s a necessity.

Keep your body and your baby healthy by adding a pump or pumping accessory to your baby shower registry.

6. A Rocker

Soothe your little one to sleep in your brand new rocker. These fantastic tools are great for calming babies and maintaining mom’s sanity.

And like a baby crib, you can pick one up pretty much anywhere baby goods can be purchased.

7. Diapers

The average newborn needs over $500 worth of diapers in their first year alone. The more diapers you get from your baby shower, the better.

You’re going to need diapers. And a lot of them. Having some extras on hand is a great way to offset the cost of a newborn.

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your baby shower!

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