5 Questions to Ask Before Your Injectable Treatment

//5 Questions to Ask Before Your Injectable Treatment
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Cosmetic treatments keeps women looking young, fresh, and vibrant. They enhance a woman’s facial structure and help her look her absolute best.

In 2016, procedures like Botox and lip augmentation increased 10% in the United States. Injectable treatments are surging internationally, and more women are expected to get them.

But even though they’re non-surgical, these procedures should never be taken lightly. Women who want to improve their appearances need to be open with their doctors and ask the right questions.

Cosmetic patients want to see the best results so they can be their best selves. Here are 5 questions every patient should ask their doctor before receiving treatment.

1. How Does the Procedure Work?

Before a woman undergoes any cosmetic treatment, she needs to understand the procedure. Though this question seems obvious, it’s extremely important.

That’s because there are tons of cosmetic procedures out there and not all are the same. Each treatment has its own process and uses, and it’s important to know the differences.

For example, Botox and dermal fillers are popular injectable treatments for wrinkles. Though their procedures are similar, they are actually quite different.

Botox acts as a muscle relaxer. It primarily treats wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and can also treat migraines.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, usually treat wrinkles from smiling. They’re also used to plump up the cheeks and lips.

Doctors will decide if the patient will undergo anesthesia. Patients should ask about this, as well as how long the procedure will take.

2. Are the Products FDA-Approved?

In addition to the procedure, it’s also important to know which products are being used.

A woman’s cosmetic doctor should explain the products that will be used in the injection. The doctor should discuss the brand of the injectable products and why he or she recommends it.

For example, a woman looking to enhance her lips benefits more from dermal fillers than Botox. Her doctor should then discuss her options since there are many types of dermal fillers.

Cosmetic patients should also ask about the products and their ingredients. They should ensure that the products are FDA-approved for cosmetic procedures. Patients should do their research and steer clear of mystery products.

3. What Can the Patient Expect?

Different cosmetic procedures yield different results. This has to do with the nature of the procedures themselves, as well as the products used.

There are several types of dermal fillers, for example. Each is made from different ingredients and materials. And each has their own effectiveness and duration of effectiveness.

Patients should ask their doctors about how long the results will last. Doctors should describe the recovery process and when they can expect to see results.

Additionally, patients should understand post-surgery treatment, like resting and avoiding sunlight. Patients can ask their doctors when they can return to work or normal daily activities.

Their doctors should discuss possible complications they could experience, like bruising or pain.

4. Is the Doctor Qualified?

Plastic, facial plastic, and oculoplastic surgeons seem like obvious choices for doctors. But some dermatologists can perform them, too.

It’s important to know which kind of doctor is performing the procedure. Can they verify their board certification?

Cosmetic patients should look into a doctor’s portfolio. Reputable doctors like Dr. Garo Kassabian are not only board certified, they also have an extensive base of clients and a long list of patient testimony.

5. What Are the Precautions?

Patients need to understand what they need to do in the days leading up to the procedure. Though the doctor should go over this, patients can still ask about it.

Should patients avoid consuming alcohol before the procedure? For how long?

Can patients take aspirin or ibuprofen before and after surgery? Which medications should they avoid?

Which foods and supplements can ease the healing process? Are there any that should be avoided?

Don’t hesitate to ask any question or concern. A good cosmetic doctor will happily answer everything.

Ask the Right Questions Before Injectable Treatment & Get the Best Results

Understanding a procedure before going through with it is important for every woman. By talking with the doctor, a patient can ease her anxieties and expect the best results possible!

In addition to asking questions, patients should do extensive research beforehand. We can help women prepare and get awesome beauty tips in the process!

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