6 Food Storage Tips to Help Your Groceries Last Longer

//6 Food Storage Tips to Help Your Groceries Last Longer
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We’re all guilty of throwing away food when we’ve either forgotten about it or not had the time to eat it. However, did you know that as much as 1.3 billion tonnes (approximately) of food is wasted each year!

In light of this statistic, we thought we’d share some of our favorite food storage tips that’ll help your food last longer.

Not only will this advice save you money in the long-run but you’ll also help tackle this global food wastage problem- win-win!

So, with all that being said, let’s dive on in.

1.) Store Dairy at the Back of the Fridge

Yes, even milk.

Experts say that all dairy products should be kept toward the back of the fridge as that’s where its coolest. Therefore, you’re more likely to extend their lifespan.

2.) Wrap Green Leaves in Paper Towels

Don’t you hate it when a bag of salad leaves starts to go slimy? However, you can delay the deterioration of your spinach and lettuce by sticking a few paper towels in the bag.

This does a fabulous job of soaking up all the excess moisture and stops the slime forming as quickly.

3.) Wrap Bananas in Cling Film

By covering your bananas in cling film, you decrease the speed of ethylene gas emissions.

This gas contributes to the ripening of bananas, so if you’re unable to go through a whole bunch quickly, this hack is a must!

4.) Wrap Celery in Tin Foil

You should always wrap your celery in tin foil and place it in your crisper drawer; this should help keep it fresh and edible for as long as four weeks!

Top Tip: In addition to this, we suggest wrapping any vegetables you’ve taken out of their packaging and putting them vacuum sealer bags. This is a super simple and cost-effective way of making your food last longer.

5.) Adjust the Temperature of Your Refrigerator

This might sound an obvious food storage hack, but it’s one of the most important.

It’s essential you set your refrigerator as low as five degrees Celcius. Otherwise, your food doesn’t stand a chance of lasting its full lifespan. Plus, you increase the likelihood of contracting a food born illness- gross!

6.) Keep Apples in the Fridge

Yes, you can keep apples at room temperature. However, these tend to ripen within a few days.

However, if you have space in your crisper drawer, we suggest storing them there, this can keep them fresh for weeks to come!

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