5 Tips for Women to Find Medical Scrubs That are Actually Flattering

//5 Tips for Women to Find Medical Scrubs That are Actually Flattering
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Without a doubt, scrubs are some comfortable workwear. Maybe you’re even one of many who chose a medical career because they could wear comfy scrubs every day.

The comfort only goes so far, though. When you’re in a workplace every day, you want to look your best as well. That’s where scrubs fall short because they have a tendency to be unflattering. They’re not exactly a hot fashion trend.

Before you resign yourself to thirty years of looking frumpy, though, there’s hope. Try these tips for finding medical scrubs that flatter while still being comfortable.

Tips for Finding Flattering Medical Scrubs

Chances are that you have some restrictions on the scrubs you can buy, like specific colors. When it comes to the style, though, you might be able to have more control. In most medical facilities, you can’t even accessorize your outfit. Here’s how to find some flattering options.

1. Focus On the Cut

This is the absolute key. Some people say darker colors are more flattering and sometimes that’s true, but the real key factor is the cut.

To capture or create that sought-after hourglass shape, look for scrubs that come in a bit at the waist and then flare out toward the bottom. It doesn’t have to be a full-on peplum style but look for something in that direction.

2. Take the Time to Try On

As convenient as online shopping is, the reality is that everyone’s body has a unique shape. A style that looks great on a co-worker might hug you in all the wrong places.

One of the most important factors in making your scrubs flattering is making sure they fit right. You’ll have a hard time doing that if you don’t try on your scrubs before you buy them.

3. Check Out the Pocket Placement

Many women are self-conscious about a “pooch” on their lower abdomen. If you’re one of them, look for scrubs that have pockets in that area.

Without pockets, your abdomen looks like one big block. The pockets break up that block and disguise your belly.

4. Use Your Favorite Medical Shows as Inspiration

Still having a hard time picturing the scrubs you want? Time for some homework.

Look at your favorite medical shows to see how their scrubs look. Are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs or ER scrubs? This can help you figure out what you want to look for.

5. Go For Adjustable Options

As we mentioned above, scrub styles aren’t one-size-flatters-all. Everyone prefers different dimensions and structures in their scrubs.

To make sure you can get the optimal fit, consider adjustable scrubs. For instance, many options have drawstrings or strings you can tie at the narrowest point of your waist. This helps you create that hourglass shape you want.

6. Don’t Skimp on Quality

For great scrubs that make you look professional rather than frumpy, quality is key. Look for scrubs that have some structure and be sure to wash them right so they maintain their colors.

How to Rock Your Scrubs

Medical scrubs are designed to make it easier for you to do your job. They’re great for that purpose, but you don’t have to sacrifice your confidence to reap their benefits. The tips above can help you find scrubs you’ll love for their comfort and their style.

For more tips on all kinds of workwear, check out our style blog.

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