5 Telltale Signs You Need Home Mold Remediation

//5 Telltale Signs You Need Home Mold Remediation
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Did you know that mold can cause serious health problems, even if it is not visible? If you suspect mold is present in your property, then you can not delay removal. You need to understand the damage it can do to your property and your health.

If you suspect mold in the home, then you need mold remediation. Read on for our essential 5 signs that you need home mold remediation quickly.

1. Scents and Odors

One of the first signs that you need mold remediation is the scent. Mold produces a very distinct odor. It has a musty, damp smell to it.

Even if you remove the visible mold, you may still smell the lingering scent. This is because mold can penetrate into a number of places that you may not be able to see. The smell could be coming from the pages of books, fabrics, or behind floorboards and walls.

2. Visible Spores

The most obvious signs are that you can actually see mold. It comes in a lot of shapes and sizes, each quite distinctive from the last. The most common of this is black mold, which clings to walls and corners and spreads very quickly.

However, it does come in a range of variations. Mold can be yellow, grey, brown, or white. It can also be visible as slimy substances or fuzzy, sand-like granules.

3. Illness

Mold in a property can be extremely damaging to your health. If its spores get on your chest, it can cause infection and respiration problems. This is not something you want for yourself, your family, or tenants.

If you have people in the household with allergies, this can become even worse. They may start to regularly suffer from tight chests, breathing problems, and sore throats. All of this points to the presence of toxic mold, and you need mold remediation quickly.

4. Water Damage

Water damage from broken pipes or flooding does not always mean mold will appear. However, if it is not cleaned and dried out properly, it is likely that mold removal will soon need to be called. This is because stagnant water and dampness are breeding grounds for mold.

If you have water damage in a humid environment, then you need to get a professional company to dry the property. Water and humidity are the ideal places for mold to grow, and it won’t be long before you need mold mitigation assistance. Professional companies such as Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC should be the first place to call.

5. Discoloration

Finally, discoloration is a key sign of mold. The spores do not have to be visible. They may be behind wallpaper or plaster.

As they consume the material for food, discoloration becomes apparent. In this case, mold removal is essential to prevent extra damage to your property and belongings.

Do Not Delay Home Mold Remediation

The longer your delay home mold remediation, the more damage is done to your property and health. Call a professional, experienced company immediately to discuss your concerns.

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