5 Simple Home Comfort Ideas Your Family Will Love

//5 Simple Home Comfort Ideas Your Family Will Love
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There are several ways you can inject home comfort into your household by making it more inviting and cozy visually, but also by ensuring it feels more comfortable.

Here are our five quick tips to ensure your home is inviting in terms of how it looks and feels – making it welcoming to not only you but your guests.

1: First impressions Creat Home Comfort

Announce that your dwellings scream ‘home comfort’ as soon as your guest steps through the front door.

Take time to make your entryway as inviting as a living room or bedroom by giving it color, statement items, and comfiness by using bold wallpaper, large feature mirrors, vases of flowers and, if there’s the space, a chair to sit and remove shoes.

Add somewhere to dump your things and hang your coat so you can immediately feel at home.

And this goes for you too – you want to feel just as welcome as any of your guests.

2: Home Comfort: Literally

Cushions, rugs, throws, and pillows are decorative touches that not only add flair to a room but that also add comfort.

Make them accessible as well as decorative – scatter them in a way that looks nice but that invites anyone sitting on your couch or your armchair to wrap themselves up while you relax and catch up or watch the latest TV box set.

3: How Does It Feel?

Being comfortable is also about temperature and the atmosphere around you.

Invest in a purifier or humidifier to create the perfect balance of clean and breathable air.

Not only does this maintain a healthy atmosphere in your home (lungs, sinus, and overall wellbeing) it makes you and your guests feel able to relax in the space.

Check out the differences between a humidifier vs air purifier to decide which best suits you.

4: Sweet Smelling

While we’re sure your home doesn’t smell bad, have you ever taken the time to design its scent?

With all the scented candles and air fresheners on the market, this isn’t hard to do.

There are other ways to make sure your home smells inviting as well – the fabric conditioner you use for laundry, flowers and plants you have on display, what you cook in your kitchen and even the scent of your toilet bleach and cleaning products.

5: Light And Dark

Lighting is key; and when we think of an inviting home, it’s easy to imagine a lot of light.

But this all depends on the space you have and the vibe you want from it.

If airy light is your thing, make sure windows aren’t blocked in any way, and that your lampshades are pale and your furnishings vibrant.

Alternatively, paint spaces a darker, cozy color (golds, plums, midnight blues) and use your lamps, candles and light fixtures to create the glow you want from your home.

Add strings of fairy lights or lanterns for that added coziness.

What’s Trending?

Now that you’re ready to start injecting some extra home comfort to your space, keep abreast of the latest decorating trends to ensure it’s as in-vogue as it is inviting.

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