5 Scrapbooking Tips Every Craftsy Woman Should Know

//5 Scrapbooking Tips Every Craftsy Woman Should Know
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Each year, nearly $2.5 billion is spent on scrapbooking supplies in the United States.

If you are like most people, finding an enjoyable hobby is something you view as a priority. Scrapbooking will allow you to take the photographs you have and display them in a unique way.

During the beginning of your scrapbooking journey, you may find it difficult to get the results you are after. Instead of throwing in the towel, you need to find scrapbooking tips to help you develop your skills.

Read below to find out some helpful tips on how to bring your vision of the perfect scrapbook to life.

1. Choosing a Topic is Important

The first step in creating a great looking scrapbook is choosing a topic.

Whether you want to use photo collage templates or come up with your own theme, taking the time to weigh all of your options is important. The biggest mistakes scrapbooking beginners make when it comes to choosing a theme is going too big.

Honing in on a particular theme like a kids birthday party or a girls weekend away can be helpful. Having this singular focus can help you avoid getting overwhelmed during this crafting process.

2. Selecting Your Album Size

Once you have chosen a topic for your scrapbook, selecting the right album size is the next order of business.

Typically, scrapbooking albums come in either 12″X12″ or 8.5″X11″. Getting a larger photo album gives you the chance to add embellishments to your photos.

If you are nervous about putting too much stuff on your scrapbook pages, getting a smaller album can help you avoid this problem. Asking more experienced crafters for scrapbooking tips can help you avoid common mistakes when it comes to buying photo albums.

3. Appealing Photos Are an Essential Part of a Successful Scrapbook

One of the most important scrapbooking tips you need to remember is that choosing the right photos can make or break this crafting project.

When trying to select photos, pay close attention to the lighting and focus they have. The last thing you want to do is put pictures that are dark or blurry in your scrapbook.

Having your pictures processed with a matte finish is also ideal for scrapbooking. With this finish, you will be able to avoid fingerprint smudges.

4. Focus on Your Layout

The next step in creating a successful scrapbook is selecting an appealing layout.

Thinking about what you want the reader of the scrapbook to be drawn to can help you choose a focal point for your album. If you are dealing with a lot of photos, you can always trim them down so they fit easily.

Using collages or even grids is a great way to get a lot of photos on the page without creating clutter.

5. Getting the Right Supplies

Being a successful scrapbook crafter has a lot to do with the tools you use.

Before starting this project, you need to invest in things like patterned paper or card stock, acid-free tape runners and high-quality page protectors.

While the right supplies may be a bit expensive, it is well worth the investment.

Need More Scrapbooking Tips?

Realizing that becoming a successful scrapbook crafter takes time is important. Dealing with frustrations is just part of the process and something you need to get used to.

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