5 Spring Dresses to Check out in 2018

//5 Spring Dresses to Check out in 2018
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There’s nothing like peeling all the winter layers away and feeling the sun on your skin again during spring. It’s a time to say goodbye to cute boots and cozy jackets, and hello to sunglasses, t-shirts and crop tops, and fun spring dresses again.

Dresses are the ultimate spring outfit.

They feel much lighter and less restrictive than a bunch of layers. Not to mention, wearing a dress makes getting ready a breeze! All you have to do is throw one on, find a pair of shoes to match and style your hair – maybe grab an accessory or two on your way out the door.

Whether you’re headed to brunch or a day of shopping this spring, here are the five top dress styles to stock your closet with.

1. Sweet and Simple Cuts

Close your eyes and think of spring for a second. Picture the sun and the flowers, the fun daytime outdoor activities, and the outfit you’re wearing to enjoy it all.

It’s probably something with small straps and a free-flowing cut. Maybe your ideal spring dress has ruffles and a slit somewhere, or it ties at the waist to create a cute bow. These are just some of the gorgeous cuts and styles spring dresses offer.

Spring is all about embracing your feminine side, in a way that best matches your unique style.

2. Casual, Sporty Dresses

Maybe your style is all about casual comfort – like the athleisure trend that’s blowing up right now or just a focus on simple, timeless pieces. If this is what you’re into, you need a few t-shirt dresses this spring.

Think about it: just as you can’t go wrong with a plain white t-shirt and the perfect pair of jeans, there’s a t-shirt dress for every occasion. Plus, you won’t feel as hot as you would in denim!

Match your t-shirt dress with a pair of casual sneakers and fun socks for an upcoming concert or a day walking around town. Dress it up with a cute necklace and a little extra effort on your makeup for a lunch date or coffee outing.

Such details transform a simple dress into something that looks just right, no matter what your plans are for the day.

3. Shift Dresses

It’s easy to picture your ideal t-shirt dress – whether it has a cute stripe pattern or it’s a solid colored dress made to fit you perfectly. A shift dress, on the other hand, may be harder to identify.

Shift dresses are made to have a straight silhouette. They tend to have a high collar, stop right above the knee, and be sleeveless. Think of them as a t-shirt dress with the arms cut off.

As you’re shopping for spring dresses, the shift style is sure to be a popular choice. Many spring designs will use this as a base, then play it up with embroidered flowers or a slit along the neckline for added appeal.

Also, you can expect for spring shift dresses to be super flowy.

Traditionally, these hug at the hem without being tight on the body, to create a bit of a formal feel for the office or a nice occasion. When spring rolls around, though, the shift silhouette becomes a common everyday choice for a cute beach cover-up, a family barbecue, or maybe even the perfect Easter outfit.

You can make this style fancy with heels or wedges, or keep it simple with a braid and flip-flops.

4. Mesmerizing Maxis

If you’re really trying to dress up more often this spring, invest in a few maxi dresses. Maxi dresses instantly turn heads and make you look appropriate for any occasion. You can wear them as your Sunday best, for date night, and anything in between.

The key is to find the maxi that best suits your body type.

Would you rather wear a halter top or something with spaghetti straps? Do you like the thought of having a cinch at the waist or something more free-flowing? These are just a few factors to consider.

Maxi dresses may have sleeves that sit off the shoulder or no sleeves at all. Some may hug your body a little tighter than you’d like while others will feel a bit looser, yet snug in all the right places.

Most importantly, make sure the long spring dresses you’re looking at are actually maxis, not midis. Maxis will go all the way to the floor – sometimes a little too much, which will require you to wear heels or adjust the hem. Midis stop at the mid-calf, below the knee but well above the ankles.

5. Spring Florals

Whatever cut and style you prefer, there’s one thing many spring dresses will have in common: florals! After all, this is the time of year all kinds of wildflowers come out to play. It only makes sense to embrace them in your outfit lineup and fit the spirit of the season.

Some floral patterns will be large and extravagant, displaying beautiful big flowers with some leaves or vines as accents. Others will be smaller designs made to blend together for an interesting, eye-catching texture. Such florals are much smaller from far away, but look lovely and feminine up-close.

Whether large or small, florals may be embroidered along the collar and sleeves of a dress, or line some dresses from top to bottom. Or, the entire dress will be made of a floral pattern all over.

To make this style stand out even more, many designers will match florals with lace. Sometimes, a sheer will be added as well.

Either way, this is a classic spring style every woman should have. You can click for more about dresses, blouses, and activewear trending this spring.

Beauty Tips to Style Your New Spring Dresses

No matter what kind of garments you add to your closet, there’s more that goes into making an outfit look just right. Keep your eye out for a few fun spring accessories to invest in, and hair and makeup trends popping up this season, too.

Also, don’t forget to prepare your skin! There’s a big difference between washing and moisturizing to defend your face from the chills of winter, versus maintaining clear skin during the sun and sweat of spring and summer.

For all kinds of styling and beauty tips, click here.

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