5 Key Tips to Keep Your Lawn and Garden Eco-Friendly

//5 Key Tips to Keep Your Lawn and Garden Eco-Friendly
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One of the most basic lawn care tips is to regularly water your grass and garden. The problem is, many Americans are wasting valuable water without realizing it. 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, almost 50% of the water that American households use to keep their lawns and gardens growing strong goes to waste. By watering your lawn and garden less frequently and being more efficient when you do it, you can cut down on waste.

Doing this alone will keep your lawn and garden eco-friendly. But there are other steps you can take to protect the planet while caring for the grass, plants, and trees outside your home.

Here are five tips to help you “go green” when it comes to lawn care.

1. Stop Bagging Grass Clippings

Most homeowners hate the idea of leaving grass clippings scattered around on their yard when they’re done mowing it. It’s why so many of them rely on mowers with bags designed to catch clippings.

But grass clippings could be the key to making your lawn and garden eco-friendly. You should leave the clippings on your lawn after mowing so that they can:

  • Decompose and fall down into your soil
  • Provide your lawn with the nutrients that it needs
  • Help you steer clear of using harmful chemical fertilizers

Having grass clippings all over your lawn might not look great for a day or two, but it’s very beneficial for your lawn.

2. Create Your Own Fertilizer

While you can use grass clippings to fertilize your lawn, you might need something a little stronger for a garden. That might lead to you buying a chemical fertilizer for it.

Avoid this at all costs! Instead, make your own fertilizer by creating a compost pile outside your home. You can add table scraps to it each night and help it grow larger.

Once your compost is good and ready, you can use it as fertilizer in your garden. It’ll be better than anything you buy at a store.

3. Use Environmentally-Friendly Lawn Care Products

If you’re going to purchase lawn care products as opposed to trying to make them yourself, look for environmentally-friendly products that will work wonders for your lawn.

Whether you’re buying products to perform lawn aeration or to kill weeds, stay away from any products with chemicals that could take a toll on the planet. Research products to ensure they’re good for the globe before using them.

4. Invest in Electric Lawn Care Equipment

Do you still have a gas-powered lawnmower, trimmer, and blower? It’s time to trade them in for electrical models!

Electrical models are oftentimes more affordable than their gas counterparts. They can also save you a lot of money on gas while proving better for the Earth.

5. Water Your Lawn at the Right Time

As we mentioned earlier, you should try not to water your lawn any more than you have to.

And when you do water it, it’s best to do it at night. When you water your lawn at night, less water will evaporate. This will set your lawn up with all the water it needs and then some.

Also, check the weather. If you’re expecting rain in your area you can skip the sprinklers and let nature provide the hydration your lawn and garden need.

Make Your Lawn and Garden More Eco-Friendly From Now On

It’s important to take good care of your home’s lawn and garden. But you shouldn’t do it at the expense of Mother Nature.

Use the eco-friendly tips found here to change the way you care for everything outside of your home. You’ll keep your lawn and garden looking great without doing any damage to the environment.

Make more of an effort to live a greener life by checking out some of the other eco-friendly tips on our blog.

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