5 Important Tips for Planning Your Move to Australia

//5 Important Tips for Planning Your Move to Australia
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Living in a new country is even more enriching than traveling. Moving across oceans is a great way to expand your interests, social circles, and life experiences!

Reduce the stress of your move to Australia by following these five important tips:

Reduce Your Stuff

Seriously. The less stuff you have, the less it will cost you to move to Australia.

Even if you’re thinking of storing your belongings in case you need them down the road, less stuff keeps down the cost of storage.

Get a bunch of boxes. Label them Throw Away, Give Away, Sell, and Keep. Now go through things in every closet and drawer and on every table and shelf.

As soon as a box is full, deal with it according to its label.

Then take stock of your furniture. It’s impractical to take furniture with you to Australia. Sell it or give it away.

The goal is to take only what you know you’ll need right away or you use all the time. Storage should be for things that can’t be replaced.

With less stuff and efficient packing, you might be surprised how much you can fit in suitcases. And that helps decrease shipping fees.

Find a Reputable Moving Company

It’s reasonable that when you move to Australia, you will have things that you can’t get into a suitcase.

Whether you send your belongings by plane or ship, use a well-established company with experience in personnel moves.

Find 2-3 choices. Then get references from each — and check the references.

Make sure the moving company is aware of customs and quarantine regulations so that your shipment doesn’t get stopped on arrival.

Don’t select a moving company on cost alone. Also consider the time it will take to get your belongings, insurance coverage, and if they assist with packing.

Manage Your Finances

Before you move to Australia, tidy up your finances at home:

  • Cancel any memberships or subscriptions you can’t use in Australia
  • Have a list of all accounts and how to access them remotely
  • Know the limits on electronic deposits and withdrawals
  • Know how to deposit funds from an Australian bank, if you will need to continue making loan payments
  • Close all but one major credit card

You also want to establish yourself financially in Australia:

  • Find out if you can set up a bank account before you arrive.
  • If you have to be there in person, know where to go to set up an account as soon as you arrive.
  • Get one credit card with an Australian bank to save money on foreign exchange and establish a local credit history.

Research Where You Want to Live

If you’re going to Australia for a job, use Google maps to get familiar with the area where you’ll be working. Get a sense of where you like to live and distances from work or the beach.

And as you browse listings places to stay, learn the local real estate lingo. It will help you find what you want.

For example, a flat is a self-contained unit in a multi-unit building. A villa is a detached, single-story house. A maisonette is a semi-detached house.

It’s common for newcomers to rent before buying a home.

Know How to Stay Safe on the Roads

In Australia, you drive on the left side of the road. If you’re accustomed to driving on the right, this can take some getting used to.

Even as a pedestrian, it’s critical to know to look right then left before crossing roads.

It’s a small detail in your otherwise busy life but one that is essential to your safety and well-being.

A Bonus Tip for Your Move to Australia

Australia has universal healthcare for its residents and citizens. As a newcomer, you may not be covered.

Before you leave, make sure you have proper insurance. Chances are you won’t need it but it’s a risk not worth taking.

Now it’s your turn! Use the comment box below to tell us what you’re doing to prepare for moving to Australia!

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