Engagement Rings That Will Totally Make You Swoon

//Engagement Rings That Will Totally Make You Swoon
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You’ve been talking about getting engaged, but things have turned serious. You may not want to hand your partner a list of rings you like, but it never hurts to dabble in a little creative steering.

You’ll be wearing that engagement ring for the rest of your life, after all. It should be something that you’ll like.

If you’re still struggling with some of the essentials, such as metal or cut, we’re here to help.

Let’s dig in and look at some engagement rings that will make you swoon.

The Classic

If you’re someone with down to earth tastes, a classic ring expresses elegance and style. It doesn’t get any simpler than a gold band, round cut solitaire diamond, and four-prong setting.

These wedding ring examples keep the focus on the diamond with their minimalist design. Classic style rings are also easier to clean, which is a serious advantage in our time-starved world.

Yellow gold isn’t your flavor? You can always opt for the cool luster of platinum, the silver sheen of white gold, or the gorgeous warmth of rose gold.

Worried that four-prong setting won’t hold up? A six-prong setting is almost as classic and will keep your diamond safely nestled on your finger, where it belongs.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

For the more rebellious, you can’t go wrong with a black diamond ring. Yes, black diamonds are actual diamonds!

You need to keep an eye on the details when you’re picking one out. Many black diamonds are artificially colored.

A true black diamond or carbonado of gem quality is harder to come by and more expensive. What makes them remarkable is that they may have been formed by a supernova and hurtled through outer space before landing on earth.

How’s that for a conversation starter?

Black diamonds lack the light-reflecting qualities of clear diamonds. That may sound like a downside, but it means that they work well with nearly any cut. The emerald, princess and marquise cuts are especially fetching.

These diamonds look their best when paired with platinum or white gold. To add a bit of flair, try an emerald cut in an east-west setting.

Halo Rings

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with video games. It might be a good way to trick a gamer into talking about ring settings, though.

The basic halo design is retro. The style dates to the early 1700’s, though it’s modern popularity traces back to the Art Deco period of the 1920’s.

The halo setting puts your main diamond center stage and circles it with pave`diamonds. That gives the ring visual weight and depth. A round cut diamond is the halo ring’s best friend, but designers are experimenting with other cuts.

The halo style gets a lot of love because it makes diamonds appear larger. It’s a great way to make a modest diamond look fabulous.

They’re also easy to pair with other jewelry, like the popular pave` crystal bracelets and initial pendant necklaces.

Parting Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re down to earth, a rebel or a retro maven. The right engagement ring it out there. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual cuts and metal combinations. You never know what’s going to pop!

Know of a hot style for engagement rings that everyone should hear about? Share your insight with a comment below.

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