5 Important Benefits of Detoxing Your Body

//5 Important Benefits of Detoxing Your Body
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Our bodies ingest hundreds of dangerous toxins year round (think pollution, pesticides, and preservatives in food, personal care products, cleaning supplies, medicine, and drugs of choice) which puts a “toxic burden” on our bodies and has become one of the leading causes of chronic disease.  

Our livers and kidneys do detox naturally, expelling the poisons as we sweat and go to the bathroom. But they often hit overload, unable to eliminate all toxins which then wreak havoc. Detox cleanses, ongoing low-toxin diets, and guided professional drug detoxes (for more intense detox and addiction issues) offer give our livers and kidneys a boost for body detox.

But what exactly are the benefits of detoxing the body?

To give you boost of encouragement and purpose, we’ve put together five important health and wellness benefits of detox. Take a look and see how you can help your body do its thing.

1. Detox Rids Your Body of Toxins and Waste 

Detoxing your body with a detox cleanse or program (read: herbs, exercise to clear lymphatic system, free-radical fighting foods, and more); ongoing clean diet (read no bad stuff: processed foods, preservatives, allergens, etc.); or drug detox (read: addiction issues) literally means those toxins do not enter your body or are guided out. It relieves the extra burden on your liver and kidneys so they can better rid your body of other toxins and waste. 

Without the toxins and waste, you enjoy multiple benefits of cleansing. No buildup also means no free radicals which can do permanent irreversible damage. Aesthetically, it means clearer, glowing skin because your body isn’t trying to expel the toxins out your face.

2. Better Absorption, Big Energy and Brain Boost

 Without the burden of toxins, your body isn’t busy dealing with toxins and can better absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which, in turn, boosts your energy and provides clean-carb brain fuel. Also, detox programs and better-eating ongoing detox involves eating fresh foods and herbs that bring in high concentrations of these easy-to-metabolize nutrients, such as natural carbs in leafy greens and carb regulators in lean proteins, which, again, give you that boost without the drop. Think sugar-binge rush without the toxins or quick sugar drop.

3. Builds Health in Internal Organs

Take away the overload of toxins and you take away the overload on your liver and kidneys, which can lead to organ damage and eventual failure if prolonged. Severe addiction issues lead to organ damage more quickly, which is why drug detox is so important if you have any kind of addiction. Over time, toxins can turn to free radicals and do damage to other organs, including heart, intestines, and skin. Yes, skin is an organ!

4. Immune Boost

No toxin overload also means your body can do its job in keeping you healthy instead of working overtime to get rid of the bad stuff. With a higher intake of nutritional food and herbs and any lymphatic boost, your immune function is high. If your body detox program involves exercise, the circulatory system gets a boost and increases blood flow to places that bring needed compounds to fight inflammation, viruses, and more.

5. Weight Loss

Without toxic burden and with the increase of nutrients, your metabolism increases and helps you burn extra fat stores, not to mention that a detox low in processed foods and saturated fats and high in clean, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, proteins, and unsaturated fats means fewer calories. A detox that includes exercise also increases energy use and fat-store reduction.

The Benefits of Detox Await

Your body loves you when you treat it with respect and do your best to keep toxins to a minimum so that natural liver and kidney detox functions and keeps you fit.

We hope that these five benefits of detox encourage you to try the right detox program for you, whether it be an ongoing clean diet, detox-cleanse program, or addiction detox, so you can experience the benefits of cleansing yourself. 

As you find your detox of choice or necessity, get informed on foods that naturally support your system and easy nutrient absorption. For more information on all things health, make sure to browse our blog!

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