5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Girls Weekend Away

//5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Girls Weekend Away
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Few things in life are better than a girls weekend away. It holds the promise of endless laughter, authentic heart-to-hearts, and plenty of new memories.

As soon as you lay your carry-on down in that hotel suite or spa, it always seems like our worries melt away.

Best of all, our Instagram accounts are on point after a weekend with the ladies.

Whether you want to travel far and wide or settle in close to home, we’ve got you covered with five fun ideas for your next girls weekend away.

You can’t go wrong with any of these fine selections.

1. Traveling in the United States? Visit Savannah

If there’s one U.S. city people always talk about, it’s Savannah, and with good reason.

It’s a Southern gem packed full of 18th-century landmarks and delectable dining options.

On your way to brunch, you’ll walk down gorgeous streets lined with Victorian homes and oak trees.

This is a land where pirates once ran liquor through tunnels during prohibition. It’s also filled with 24 small parks, or squares, and tales of Civil War-era ghosts.

Take a ghost tour one night with the ladies. You’ll be sure to reach for that extra glass of wine to help you fall asleep!

2. Rent a Local Airbnb for Your Girls Weekend Away

Okay, hear us out. Something about a quick trip that doesn’t require a lengthy drive or a long flight is surprisingly refreshing.

Pouring a glass of wine in a kitchen you didn’t have to clean and propping up your feet in a living room you didn’t have to tidy up is actually very appealing.

You’ll be checking in to a home away from home that allows you and the girls to let your hair down while escaping the every day.

Heck, you don’t even have to make the bed come Sunday morning!

3. Traveling in Europe? Visit Norway

Can you extend this weekend getaway into a long weekend? All you need is four days and three night to see something that epitomizes the word magic.

If you’re traveling between November and March, you can indulge in an affordable package through Norway Tours that includes gorgeous accommodations and fully-prepared arrangements to see the Northern Lights.

Bundle up, charge your cameraphones, and get ready to share an experience with your girls that’ll live in your memories forever.

4. Go Above and Beyond the Average Spa Weekend

Tick off every box on this Saturday afternoon. Splendor in your one-hour massage. Line up all your galls in the mani/pedi stations.

But, enjoy all this in a spa that can also provide a shampoo, blowout, and full makeup.

As you spend your day living like a true celebrity with a team of stylists, you’ll know what it feels like to fully luxuriate.

Come evening light, all you have to do is select your best dress and hit the town!

5. Traveling in the Caribbean? Visit St. Lucia

The adventure that comes from packing a carry-on bag and hopping aboard a plane for a girls weekend away is such a rush.

Did you know that many resorts even offer girlfriend getaway packages? Amazing, right?

They can be as affordable as $99. We’re talking oceanfront suites, horseback riding on the beach, sunset cruises, the works.

Be Comfortable and Be Yourself

It’s always a good idea to break up the routine of everyday life. No matter where your getaway takes you, be comfortable, be happy, and be yourself.

Don’t forget, you can still be stylish, even in comfy clothes.

Have fun ladies! We hope this girls weekend away will create some of your happiest memories yet.

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